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SUN: Weather Reports R Us

White flowers in vase
third of triptych by joanie baloney

There is sunshine today at least. But the wind is howling. I need to get out for air and light. Sounds like a tuque day, if you can believe that. Five and 10 years ago today, our trees were all leafed out. Not so, this year. But we hold tight to faith we’ll get at least one summer day again in our lives, right?

I’m kidding. It sounds worse than it probably is. I’m told there are trees down and the wind has caused power outages. We’re sitting pretty here.

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Looking Back 70 YEARS AGO May 1, 1952 Friends of Ronald Fisher will be pleased to hear that he has won a trip to Saskatoon and the right to participate in the christening exercises of 12 new planes of the R.C.A.F. at Saskatoon on June 14. He won the contest by submitting names for three of the planes. – Wadena News

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10 years ago:

5 years ago:

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4:57p.m. TODAY
I’ve just returned from a drive to Everett’s to pick up farm eggs that are delivered every two weeks. I masked up, kept my distance, and didn’t stay long.

The leaves are beginning to come out. A couple hours of heat this afternoon are doing the trick. 

Other than all the spring movement in the area, there isn’t much going on for me personally. I’m not complaining.

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set of three paintings of flowers

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2 thoughts on “SUN: Weather Reports R Us

  1. Tuque days – they can be a year round phenomena in our country can’t they. I put away some winter clothes yesterday and made sure to keep a tuque among the summer caps. Windy as hell here too!

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  2. It flipped to mid July here in Montreal with scorching temperatures. Too much heat too fast for me! Let’s not talk about the humidity! It’s going to be one long hot summer. Ewww

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