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Where We’ve Been


Holding this sweet little darling in our arms at every opportunity.

He arrived several days earlier than expected so we drove to Calgary sooner than planned.

Like his two older sisters — I call each of them (here, at least) by one of their middle names — this is Little Scott.


Looking Back
Kelvington Radio
January 11, 1952

LINTLAW: The Village Council
have flooded the old Skating Rink in the centre of the village, and the
young folks are having the time of their lives. Happy screeching can be
heard quite early in the morning, and the children very reluctantly leave
the ice when the curfew rings. –Wadena News


I did not know that coffee grounds create methane and are a source of the carbon that is creating havoc with our climate. Still learning. This company takes the coffee grounds used to make the equivalent of 21 cups of coffee, and makes a pair of sneakers.

Today's Special

Social Media – A Lesson Learned

Recently I read some research findings about misinformation on social media.

I previously thought that when we read or hear bullshit and don’t express our doubts right then and there, the person who shared it goes away thinking; “She didn’t question it; she probably agrees.”

Which reinforces their own belief.

I figured maybe it was time to stop keeping quiet and instead respectfully offer an honest response, and maybe it would be helpful to do the same thing on social media if one could be bothered.

But when it comes to social media, the research found that even commenting upon a post (let alone sharing it), in order to disagree or debunk it, only serves to spread the misinformation even more. Why is this?

Because your social media connections will see the original misleading post but not necessarily your response. They’ll assume you shared it because you believed it and/or agreed, and they’ll share or like it without dipping further into the discussion. And on it goes.

By responding in any way (other than, perhaps, reporting misleading posts to the server), you have effectively participated in spreading the BS even more.

Apparently social media posts that provoke anxiety, fear or anger are shared the most … and that is the whole point of them.

Before commenting or sharing something you see on social media, take a breath and notice if you are feeling any of the above: anxiety, fear, anger. This is often the original poster’s intention, in hopes of getting as many likes and shares and comments as possible.

Think about holding back that trigger finger of yours.



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Getting Over It Sooner

Here’s a song that … well, don’t you ever hear a song that reflects your own experience but not only that, states things clearly and simply? No deep psychological drama? No difficult spiritual work that takes time and must be done before the next step? Not having everything perfectly straightened out before you can go on? Instead of being pissed off for three days (or three months)(or three years), wrapped up in my own monkey mind of anger and frustration and — let’s face it, hurt feelings — why don’t I just get over it now? Because I always do.

I’m not suggesting that action never needs to be taken, communication isn’t necessary, understanding isn’t essential, compromise isn’t required, endings instigated, new habits formed. Sometimes we can’t help but withdraw for a while to lick our wounds and escape from the fray that has us so worked up. What I’m suggesting is this: even though you don’t feel you’re being treated with respect, consideration or fairness; even though you don’t feel appreciated; even though you don’t feel loved and (sorry, this is a very hard part) maybe you aren’t loved in the way you hoped you would be or need to be or in the way you yourself love … you can still express loving affection in this moment to the person who is disappointing you, who maybe needs your care and attention more than they are letting on, who maybe needs to know they are loved by you even if they have fucked up bigtime, who maybe needs this bit of encouragement to get over their own stuck-in-angerness long enough to reach back out to you.

I don’t know. Not everything is fixable, and that’s sure how it feels when you’re in the middle of it. But in my life, I have to remember that how I feel at any particular moment isn’t how I’m likely to feel in a day or two. This too shall pass. I’m gonna get over it sometime.

Might as well do it right now.

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Alex, I’m Talking to You

Scott mentioned your remark about that chocolate (three down and three to the right?) looking “iffy” and I thought you might be interested to know about a conversation in a Canadian comedy series called ‘Hatching, Matching and Dispatching.’

Two young men are talking and one tells the other that for the first time in his life, he’s seen a woman’s vagina. I’ll have to paraphrase here, but his comment was “I was surprised! I thought it would be sideways.”


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No Sir, Not For Me

One afternoon he brewed a large pot of oxtail soup.

“Is it seriously the tails of cattle?” I ask, hoping against hope that it’s just a figure of speech, when I know the answer already. He rolls his eyes.

Later when he’s washing potatoes, I ask him to cook a few extra. I plan to make crustless quiche the next day and can throw in some spuds.

Come suppertime, I realize that aside from boiling a few potatoes for my recipe, he’s thrown the rest into his soup. There isn’t a separate pot of them for supper.

“Hmmm, what’m I gonna have… ” I mused.

“Soup!” he said.

“Uh, no. Thanks but no.”

He thinks I’m joking. Then he thinks I’m being silly. Then when he realizes I’m absolutely serious, he thinks I’m being ridiculous.

“Think of it this way,” I said. “What if I cook up a nice chicken-foot soup. How would that be? Would you like to eat that?”

He got it then.

He and Emil ate the oxtail soup and pronounced it delicious, and I’m sure it was.

I had noodle curry.

curried noodles

Photo taken this summer when we had zucchini coming out our ears and I was including it in meals every day