A Letter Writer's Notebook

SAT: Getting Back to Normal

man working under sink
Mr Handy is replacing the kitchen faucet this morning.

Dear Dkzody,
Those four small buildings are old granaries, and the building to their right is a tractor shed.

Hi Pixie,
You know how much I abhorred having the ultimate excuse to stay home and read! Hehe. Except for the rare occasion when I felt like going somewhere (or doing something that would’ve made me tired), it was pure heaven.


I’m more than halfway through Pride and Prejudice, which I read many years ago for the first time. It has kept me enthralled; and I love that perfect English that Austen’s characters speak — the structure of it. Must see if the movie is available where I can watch it these days. It’s been viewed already too, but why not again? For all the easy pleasure it gives me.


I tested late yesterday afternoon and finally: clear.

The snow is almost all gone.

The dugout behind the house is overflowing.

The dead skunk still lays in the ditch unmolested and, this morning on my short walk, not stinking. I feel bad about its death, even though it was suffering.

Dad will probably come for lunch — finally, after being in the area since May 3.

Company for a meal is always a stress: what to make? How my sisters and friends always make meal-preparation look so effortless, I may never know. It’s as if they do it with a hand tied behind their backs, while I could make good use of an extra set of hands and maybe a second head to help make a plan. Even after two decades of feeding growing children, putting meals together does not come naturally, requires thought aforehand, and is a challenge when there will be guests. It’s so nice to sit down together when the deed is done, but getting to that point … ooh la la … it is not second nature to me.

A batch of whole-wheat sourdough bread, made with wild yeast, is rising; this is the last one for a while. Though these six loaves will go home with Gord to St. Albert on Tuesday, the big deep freeze is full and I’ve had enough starter-feeding to last me for now. I’m ahead of the game and more than ready to be done with dough.


Lorna, I miss you. Last time you got in touch, you said you were having cognitive difficulties and probably wouldn’t be able to comment in the future, but as long as you were able you’d be reading. If so, know that I still think about you and hope you’re doing all right.


View of living room interior
The living room this morning


Looking Back 80 YEARS AGO May 6, 1942 MARGO: The junior branch of the Normania Red Cross held a bean supper and bingo party at the school on April 21. The bingo was followed by community singing and choruses by the pupils. – Wadena News

A bean supper! Now there’s a kind of fundraiser I’ve never heard of.