Snow and Go

It’s that weird time of year when snow is melting and freezing and melting again. We still have some snowbanks, but black earth is now showing in the fields. There hasn’t been much snow this winter, but the forecast is for another big dump of it.

Besides covering the piles of dog shit (goddamn dogs) right outside our door, snow forms into the most wonderful patterns and makes eye-catching shadows, and those are some of the things I’ll miss when it’s gone.

These photos were taken on my walks last week but with several warm days since, there is little snow now on the fields.



Well I’d love to sit here and chat for another few minutes, but Scott has plans for me so I must wash and dress and prepare to go out the door when his phone call comes. Ka Ching! I’ll be earning some grocery money.

High Cost of Living

This is what $90 worth of groceries looks like. Granted, $27 of it is the two bags of coffee beans, which I purchase locally when they’re on sale. Another $7 is in the potato chips: Old Dutch Ripple for Scott, Miss Vickie’s Original for me. Someone (naming no names) has a weakness. I was into them even before snapping this picture.


$90 worth

You’re seeing $56 of actual food. The grapefruit juice — and I rarely buy juice nowadays, choosing fresh fruit instead; but this is to mix with some hard liquor received as a gift — was $4! I think the box of crackers was $4 too: on sale. I’ve been meaning to make crackers for weeks and not gotten to it. (So busy, this not-working thing.) I purchased the Co-op brand of peppermint tea and perhaps I’m imagining things, but it doesn’t taste as good as it should. I’ll be buying Twinings next time.

Scott, otherwise known as Voratio the Eating Machine, consumes flavoured yogurt like it’s going out of style. It’s a quick snack he can grab from the fridge. By the time I get around to having some, there isn’t any. If I want to eat yogurt — and I do — I have to buy some of the plain stuff. It’s as good as printing KEEP OUT in big block letters on the plastic tub. With a spoonful of honey and a few drops of vanilla extract stirred into my bowl, it’s delicious and surely more sensible than gulping down the commerically flavoured yogurt that we’ve been convinced is healthy but actually contains sugar, modified corn starch, gelatin, “natural flavour” and potassium sorbate. The plain yogurt has none of that. Voratio has yet to make the extra effort — when you’re starving, who has time to get out the honey? This way I manage to get some yogurt down my own neck.

People say the prices in our stores here in rural Saskatchewan are ridiculously high, and many make trips to the cities to shop. They say the savings are worth it, even with the cost of gas to get there and the hours spent on the highway. When I inspect this paltry amount of edibles on my kitchen counter, it does seem that it might pay to “Drive a little, save a lot.” Yet it’s still important to support local stores; it would be excessively inconvenient to have no choice but to drive two hours for groceries. That’s a habit I don’t want to get into.

There. I’m reduced to blogging about my groceries. It’s as bad as posting pictures of what I made for supper, on Facebook, right? Actually I don’t mind that; I’m interested in such things. I’m also extremely interested in what’s on the shelves inside people’s fridges. So sue me. I also like to see what is on the outside of people’s fridges. Easily entertained.

Boys Being Boys

Emil and Everett have both had shaves and haircuts recently, so it was my excuse to ask them to sit for a photograph.
Try to get two brothers to do that.


“Stop staring at the heavens for a moment and listen to me, Saint Sunshine,” he said.

I was picking Emil up at Everett’s to chauffeur him back to his own place, and this was interrupting his process of getting ready to go.


He didn’t say so, but we could tell Emil wanted it to be over with.


Forever goofy.

Emil was on a mission, and this was getting on his nerves.


Not a word. But those teeth? Gritted.


“What shall I do next to irritate them both?”




Emil finally ignored us and went ahead.


There isn’t one good picture in the bunch!