Off to the Lake Again

Oh how I love the lake. Not that I go swimming or boating or fishing or do any sort of water sports. Nope. I just love being by the water, watching it glitter, the scent of it, the birds, the fish jumping, the campfires I make in the fire pit early in the mornings, the lazy peaceableness of not having to think about what to make for supper. At the lake I live on toast, fruit, and potato chips. It’s my holiday, I’ll eat poorly if I want to. But my alarm will still be set for 6 a.m., I’ll keep on waking before it goes off, and getting up for my walk. This morning it was three miles; the last three mornings it was only a mile, as I like more time to do things before leaving for the office.

Have a good weekend!


stony creek farm

Another neighbour’s unoccupied farmyard. The barn is over 100 years old. 


The House That Kate Built

When I say I’m tired and overwhelmed, it might be partly because the house is upside-down and I’m not on top of things. Not that this is unusual! I often say that being a housekeeper or homemaker has never been my ambition, and so keeping things in tiptop shape is never top of my list. On the flip side, though, I like things to be in order and relatively clean, and never feel really good in an environment where they aren’t.

Yesterday I did manage to vacuum and do some laundry and a couple hours of work, so it’s not like I’m doing nothing. Above you see the porch – which reverts to a disaster zone a few weeks after I clean and organize it – and Emil’s poor bed-making skills, the dishes waiting to be washed, the livingroom beckoning me to sit and read when I need to get to work (that’s my laptop ready in the next photo), and our bed unmade.

So yeah, there’s always something to do. Maybe I just need some vitamins to give me a kickstart.



And This is the Good Life

meadowsweet and mint

Roadside wildflowers: self-heal mint and northern bedstraw?


July 24, 1929

QUILL LAKE: The heavy electrical storm of last Sunday week killed a mare and colt belonging to Mr. Herbert Heibert and a horse and cow belonging to Mr. Bert Graham. The pastures were a half mile apart.

Wadena News, Looking Back


Emil’s here for the weekend and for a change I’ve asked him to do some dishes. He’s busy at the sink while I approach my second hour of proofreading a 125-page pdf.

During a break after the first hour, I went out and deadheaded the petunias and portulaca.

During my next break the kitchen will be clean and maybe I’ll be inspired to bake something. There’s a list of items I’d like to make before heading back to the office on Tuesday: bran muffins, granola, bread. Whether I get around to even one of them is another story. We shall see. I’ve been on the run all week and am not used to that lately. Scott requested I stick a beef roast into the oven for supper, so the oven is sort of off-limits anyway. The baking can wait till tomorrow.

How easy it is to push oneself too hard! We were on the go all day yesterday too — a trip to Humboldt for appointments and a bit of shopping — and I am craving a day to STOP altogether and not HAVE TO do a damn thing.

Maybe Monday. If I move my ass tomorrow.

Old School Listening Tool

in the car

entertainment on my way to who knows where

110 YEARS AGO- July 23, 1909- The Sunday morning storm wrought heavy damage to the crops south of Big and Little Quill lakes. The reports daily coming into town would indicate almost total destruction to the grain through the district lying between Touchwood Hills and the lakes.

QUILL LAKE: A specimen of wheat from W. Lowe’s farm west of town was brought in yesterday, it measured over 3 feet, fully headed. The field is spoken of as almost a perfect crop, strong, heavy and even.

Wadena News, Looking Back



Good Morning! This is just a hello because I’m running out the door in a few minutes, as soon as I get my teeth brushed.

It was so cold on my walk that I could see my breath when I got back to the yard around 6:30. It was just a few degrees — like, five — above freezing overnight. Oh oh.

I actually turned the furnace on for a while as it was only 67F in the house.

I can’t quite decide if this is worse or better than the 80F days. Today I’m taking my warm poncho into the office so I won’t spend any time shivering like yesterday. You hate to crank the furnace on in August, you know?

Will have to do more catching up later. The timer on the stove is beeping to let me know I can’t sit here too long.


She Jiggity-Jogged On Home

wild licorice

Wild licorice and wild brown-eyed susans from alongside our gravel road.

July 14, 1999
The Wadena Museum grounds were
transformed into a busy farm scene
from years past as the annual Vintage
Day was enjoyed by a large crowd.
Threshing is always a popular exhibit
at the Wadena Museum Vintage Day,
and last Sunday was no exception.

Wadena News, Looking Back


After only three days away, the flowers seem to have advanced two weeks worth. What a pleasure to come home to surprises.

And now … my library book and my bed are calling me for a refreshing brief rest before it’s time to start supper. A certain lad is in the field in this heat and will come in at dark, ravenous, and once he’s had his way with me he’ll be hungry.




Another Day Another Dollar

the yard

Trees in our yard

50 YEARS AGO, July 10,1969
-After months of discussion
and planning, the Wadena town council has finally set in motion the machinery to build a new lagoon, dispose entirely of the present one, and build a second well to add to the present system.
-The Wadena crop picture
brightened this week with steady rainfall Monday that lasted for about nine hours and deposited just over half an inch of liquid gold.
-Kelvington Radio
July 10, 1969
Smilin’ Johnnie and his Prairie
Pals will be entertaining at the
Lintlaw Jubilee on July 20.
-SaskTel’s buried cable
construction program is in full
operation with cable plows on the
job at various projects throughout the
province. –Wadena News, Looking Back



Nineteen years ago, Scott and I attended a performance by Smilin’ Johnnie and his wife Eleanor Dahl at a seniors’ centre in St. Albert, Alberta. We laughed our faces off – they were so goofy in an old-fashioned way that we may have enjoyed even more than our elders did. He’s been gone for some years now and I don’t know about Ms Dahl, who was the comedian of the musical duo.


I might have pretty much perfect office hours: nine to four, with an hour off for lunch. Can’t get much easier than that. Well okay, 10:00 to 3:00 but hey, you can’t have everything! These hours are pretty nice ones. I do have to drive 25 minutes to get there so six hours of work makes it more worth my while, too.

I took my lunch and went over to Aunt Shirley’s (a whole two blocks away) at noon today and it felt so good to walk on the familiar streets of my childhood. Certain places I passed brought back memories that are sweeter than ever, now.


Dad turned up from Kelowna yesterday and said he’s only staying a week. He came bearing saskatoons.


We had a wild thunderstorm around 3 a.m. and a couple forceful rains. None of it kept me awake much longer than to put Duckie Doodle in his kennel in the porch so he wouldn’t keep Scott from sleeping. Scott felt sorry for him and got up anyway to sit with and cuddle the dog, who pants and shakes with fear during these storms.

My alarm is set for six these days and I set it out of reach so that I have to get up to shut if off (or the noise would drive me crazy). If I can reach it without sitting up, I shut it off and lie down to doze, and you know how that goes … you end up not rising and shining when you wanted to. I usually wake up before the alarm though; the body knows, doesn’t it, and prefers not to be jarred awake.

Today was a migrainey morning though, so I skipped the walk and took an anti-inflammatory, threw up, and went on about the day in a not-too-bad way. I had to take another pill shortly after supper; figured why suffer till bedtime, let’s feel good now! It worked. Lord I love feeling normal.

I’ve given up the supplements I thought might’ve been responsible for the reduction in Jan/Feb from 8 migraines a month to 3. I gave them a fair shot, but frequency increased to 4 in March/April and then to 6 and more in June. I’m back to needing to medicate 7 or 8 times a month. What’s next?

I’ve had a certain kind of treatment (“Exactly what can I tell people it is that you do?” I asked; the reply: “Just tell them I’m the lady who’s going to make them feel better”) and it’s said that after the second one I’ll feel 10 or 15 years younger and no more migraines and no more treatments either, except for injuries. We shall see. Fingers crossed. If it’s true, I’ll tell you about it. What I can say for sure is that after whatever adjustments were made, my hips are moving differently. They’re looser and damn it does feel good.

Anyway I have to get to bed. Thanks for stopping by.