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SAT: Could Be Worse

wet back stepScott saw snowflakes this morning, but wind and rain today and yesterday are doing the damage. The barn roof has lost quite a bit of its metal and there is a good-sized lilac branch laying on the grass by the back step.

My ski pants came down off the hook but weren’t put away for the summer. No siree. They’ll be worn when I get outside later. So far only my nose has made it as far as the open door.

It’s cold enough to have quieted the frogs.

»»————- ✼ ————-««

We’re both feeling okay. Taking it easy. Sort of.
Day 5 for me. Day 10 for Scott.

Good day for reading and napping and drinking tea. I’m making bread and doing dishes and some laundry and changing sheets — got some new ones after the bottom flannel for our bed came out of the washer worn nearly through in the feet areas, and today there is a big hole where Scott’s toes have been. He’s been out and about on the farm, but had his second snooze of the morning before 11.

»»————- ✼ ————-««

There is less than a teaspoon of wild yarrow left for tea. This year I’ll let it do what it wants in my flower bed so there will be more to dry in the fall. Last summer I tore it out in a most disrespectful manner (except for what I kept for medicinal purposes; not enough) because it’s so invasive. I could harvest it from the surrounding countryside but … ticks. They’re bad enough in the yard and flower bed; why ask for trouble by wandering further afield?

Flower gardening has taught me — is still teaching me — that the best course of action is to follow the plants’ lead rather than try to force them to conform to my wishes. Surely there’s a life lesson in there.

Not that it will stop me from redesigning and hoping and planning. Change is good, Donkey, and so is a little bit of persuading. Which is just a bunch of horseshit on my part, because I will be digging out a lot of my longtime perennials and planting my favourite annuals in their places. If that’s not being pushy, what is?

cartoon of items on front lawn; captioned "flung shui"
Another favourite from my wall

»»————- ✼ ————-««

This duck is on the dugout right now with his girlfriend:

black and white duck
Ring-necked duck; a first sighting of this kind, for me, and it’s not in my Birds of Saskatchewan book. Photo found HERE

»»————- ✼ ————-««

Looking Back 80 YEARS AGO April 29, 1942 BATESTOWN: A swan was seen swimming around on Irvine’s (ocean) on Sunday and Monday; no doubt headed back from the South to Greenwater Lake again. – Wadena News

One thought on “SAT: Could Be Worse

  1. We had rain this morning and it was cold but the sun is shining now and it’s 16C. I’ve been cleaning up the deck, getting my pots and planters ready for my flowers and tomato plants. Jack fell asleep after swimming lessons and he’s still sleeping now. When he wakes up we’re going to dig up some bergenia and lily of the valley for my neighbor and then we’ll get some of her mulch which smells heavenly. Arborists will grind up their work and deliver it to your driveway, for nothing.

    Otherwise, nothing much. Katie will be over tomorrow which will make both her and Jack happy. We’ll take her for a walk to the park and have some lunch.

    I read about your teas. Yarrow is also good for killing head lice. You make a tisane out of it and then rinse it over your hair. I feel the same way about lice as I do ticks. Disgusted.

    Hope your honey gets his energy back soon. It sucks feeling tired all the time.

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