Don’t Watch Your Step

Many people attempt to be efficient by collecting items into groups to move them from one place to another, or by keeping things they need as physically close as possible.

I’m the opposite when it comes to “saving steps.”

If I’m at work and it’s a desk job, I prefer that periodically needed items (like the dictionary or a stylebook) be kept as far from me as possible, so I’ll have to get up and walk over there several times a day. It gets my blood moving and my brain cells sharpened up. Each little jaunt reinvigorates me and thus, I believe, improves my productivity.

At home, I’ll make three trips to a particular kitchen drawer instead of piling the wooden spoons and spatulas on the counter as I dry them and then carrying them over all at once. It would be interesting to try one of those Fitbits (though I never will) that count all your steps in a day. Housework isn’t considered exercise, but surely it contributes. All movement does.

I realize this logic would not apply to someone who is on his or her feet all day. In that case, efficiency of movement would have to come first.

Good quality shoes are essential, either way.

I know, I live the most fascinating life. You’re all learning so much from me. I’m telling you all my secrets of success!


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