Deeper Not Wider

It’s a spring day with ice in the air.

Froggies are a-courtin’.

In the trees and sky in evamethyst and clay rery direction, birds are calling.

You’d think we live in a jungle.

I’ve gotta get out there.

My pack awaits.


There’s a movie about Emily Dickinson out, called A Quiet Passion. Its director says that although Dickinson never went anywhere, she had a rich home life. Besides her poetry (her sister found 1800 unpublished poems in her room after her death), she was an avid gardener, played the piano, etc. He noted that you don’t have to be out travelling the world and active in your community to have an eventful, fulfilling life. Your inner journey may just as enriching as the outer, if not more.

It’s my belief, exactly.

“Go deeper, not wider.”


6 thoughts on “Deeper Not Wider

  1. Secret Agent Woman,
    I think it’s different for everyone and depends on where you’re at in your life. I was a roamer in my twenties, and learned from it that what I wanted more than anything was a home. Now that I have it (my personal paradise, after many years of craving), for me the challenge is to be satisfied with it — to understand how my own attitudes shape my experience, and to take responsibility for what I create in daily life. I rarely get the urge to travel, and when I do, it’s shortlived; it doesn’t remain and propel me into saving money and taking a trip. I’d have to really want it, and I simply don’t. That said, I enjoy tales and photos from other people’s journeys. But it doesn’t make me want to go there. – Kate


  2. I can understand that. I’m in my fifties now and finally in a place where I can travel a little (now that my own kids are grown). I can well imagine the wanderlust will cool at some point.


  3. Secret Agent Woman,
    Maybe. Maybe not! It’s a big ol’ world out there. It’s great that you’re able to go now, when you have the urge. Lots of people put it off for “someday” and then aren’t well enough, energetic enough, wealthy enough, or alive! when someday comes. -Kate


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