Winter Spring Winter

Snow and cold. Yeah.

So what. It passes.

Oh yeah, it’s Easter Sunday. I’ve already eaten too many chocolate eggs — thanks for that, Gord!

We’ve just sat for several hours at the kitchen table visiting with my ex, who always arrives bearing treats of some kind, and soon we’re off to Scott’s sister’s for a big family gathering complete with delicious eats.

My sister Karen put on a huge spread yesterday. I’m fed right to the top, and our fridge is still full of leftovers from the Wednesday supper over at SouthForks.

There was mail to drop off for Everett so I stopped in at his work one day this week. He was busy so I could only admire him from afar:

everett in action r

Gotta go … someone appears to be starving!


8 thoughts on “Winter Spring Winter

  1. Snow, shudder, you are a hardy soul Kate! We enjoyed sunshine and 20C here in southern Ontario, quite windy though. It is admirable that your ex can make a civil visit! Let alone arrive with chocolate! Everett appears to be quite the competent young man!


  2. Amazing to me that you all live near each other, and visit so often. Have work, and all you need or desire right there, in a not densely populated area. I know you say you’re “not” Prairie, but I think of it that way. And I can’t think of Prairie without thinking of “The Lamp at Noon”. So, amazing to me.


  3. Maggie,
    It took some time to get past the initial anger and bitterness, but Gord and I are great friends now, as I hoped we would be. He’s still there for me if needed, and vice versa. When we divorced, we used the same lawyer and she said she mentions us as an example to other divorcing couples.
    The snow’s mostly melted but it’s still cold this morning. 20 degrees! Wow. We had one day of heat. One day. Enough to keep us dreaming.


  4. Marms,
    Now I’ll have to look up The Lamp at Noon. And hope they’ve got it somewhere in the Parkland Regional Library district so I can borrow it. The Cons (Sask gov’t) just passed a horrible budget that is cutting our library services drastically. Pricks.


  5. Marms,
    That story is set in the prairie. People trying to farm on the prairie abandoned their land and came up here to the parkland in droves during the Dirty Thirties, because here you could still grow a crop and there was enough vegetation to feed your livestock, so you didn’t starve. The prairie was a dustbowl, and treeless. Pretty on a nice day … but hell during a drought. Even now they get some of the worst blizzards in winter. -Kate


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