Seen in Saskatchewan

One Spring Day in January

Oaks in light

But time moves along, one learns how to navigate the wounds, the holes in the universe, and travel forward… Small domestic things happily fill my days… We will focus on every single bit of good fortune we do enjoy. We will find as much to celebrate about our lives as we can as we move forward. As doors close we will search for open windows. With a little bit of luck we will survive the pandemic, the financial challenges, and any other formidable mountains that rise from the mists of the future. – Maggie Turner, “Closure”


It’s a good thing I keep a calendar on the kitchen counter and try to look at it each day. Otherwise I’d’ve kept on celebrating the fact that I don’t have to go to town till tomorrow — forgetting altogether that every second Friday we (usually I, but not recently) pick up eggs from the couple who meets us in a parking lot for a quick exchange. So off I go.

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