Nothing Much

snow againSoft little snowflakes fell against my face last night as I stood out on the step in the dark, waiting for Duckie to come back to the house.

It has snowed so many times this fall that I’ve lost count. Even though it always melts within a day or two, the air is hard-cold and I’m already wearing leggings under my jeans, and mitts or gloves on my hands, and a down or winter jacket when outside. One afternoon I pulled ear muffs out of my pocket while walking down the road, and put them on.

Some of the potted plants froze numerous times but remained green and healthy-looking. If they’re that tough they deserve to be brought indoors for the winter, so one sunny afternoon I transplanted the lavender (which, strangely, never amounted to anything this summer) and the rosemary into smaller containers that could sit on a window ledge. Maybe now the lavender will actually grow and bloom. Outside, it barely survived.


Tight Squeezes


One of Bev’s

Last night I watched quite a bit of Dawn of Humanity on PBS. There came scenes of a person crawling through a cave tunnel so tight the body could barely squeeze along. I took some slow deep breaths to calm myself when the adrenalin began to kick in, but soon realized I couldn’t take it. I got up and went into the kitchen till the deep-cave moments were over.

I was migrainey and Scott was in even worse shape, between his neck (he has driven down to Regina twice already to see the only chiropractor who has been able to make a difference, and will be going again) and a cold and a gusher of a nose bleed, so we didn’t have the energy to get out the door to attend a family function in town. He was in bed by nine and I fell asleep on the couch not long after. Hope you had a fabulous time, Howard and Sharon, and Happy Anniversary!

A friend shared an anecdote about buying a colouring book for her mom and, before the gift was given, hearing her mother say “Staying within the lines, no thanks! Colouring books are not for me.”

I have come to the conclusion that being forced (if one was; one isn’t, of course) to colour inside the lines could be akin to being forced, while creating, to stay within certain other parameters; for instance, when you’re writing a poem or a haiku. The form of syllable or rhyme imposes a discipline that helps distill meaning into a powerful, pithy essence. Limitations have their positive uses.

Long Weekend Begins

little eva and hounds 2018.jpgYes I’m still alive and well, if you were wondering.

This is our little pookie with her dogs when they spent a few days at the farm this past weekend.

Other than that, what’s been going on around here?

-some swathing and combining
-some snow
-Bev stayed for a few days
-a bull moose came through the front yard
-the big flocks of snow geese are here
-tea with my cousin Lynn up at Lintlaw; hadn’t seen her for a few years
-weekend work on the laptop

Have I forgotten anything? Oh to be sure I have, but …

I’ll try to keep up better now.

Owl on the Table, Blog Glitches, Brenda

emil and ryan

Ryan took Emil (along with others in turn) for a ride in his sports car on a day when Ryan and his wife hosted an outing for clients and staff of MDSI, where Emil lives and works.

September 25, 1958
INVERMAY: One morning last
week Mr. and Mrs. Saunderson, who
live on the farm, were awakened in
the early morning by the crash of a
broken window. What did they find?
An owl sitting on a table in their
bedroom. – from Wadena News, ‘Looking Back’

Secret Agent Woman, re commenting problems: One thing that might be a cause is the browser. I’m going to try using Internet Explorer instead of my usual Chrome, and see if that makes a difference. (Not with your blog, but with another I visit often. Not only does the page no longer permit me to comment but when I click on the comment link, it just turns into a white box where the text just was and I can’t type anything into it or anything else. So weird!)

There’s plenty of flat and flattish land around this province. Why not take a little trip to a different area of “flat” Saskatchewan! Here you go: CLICK. This link will take you to the blog of a gal who lives up in Creighton, which is on the Saskatchewan side of the border between it and Flin Flon, Manitoba. Brenda was recently in southeastern Saskatchewan to give a reading of her poetry.


Aunt Reta left a comment: china set was great aunt alma’s who got them during the war, probably in England some place

top of china cabinet copy

top of fridge

So there we have it. It seems that all the nice things Grandma displayed in her kitchen came from Aunt Alma. I guess this makes sense, when you consider that Grandma’s mother came to this area in a covered wagon, as a 17-year-old girl. You wouldn’t be hauling many treasures aside from your cooking pots and winter clothing.

Quick Note Before TakeOff

emil reading to me

I have to sit next to Emil when he reads to me and he keeps turning his head to make sure I’m paying attention, and if I’m not, he commands me to. This photo is taken in his room at the group home.

Lorraine, yes let’s do lunch!

Birdie, I have the whole set of those Mottoware dishes and will post a couple more photos tomorrow. I don’t know much about them but Aunt Reta, if you do, please chime in!

I’m told some regular readers are unable to comment here —


now where was I before that notice popped up on my screen — oh yeah, people unable to comment. I don’t know why that is but I have similar problems on other blogs sometimes and none of us seems to know the cause, just like I don’t understand why the message I have written for readers who want to comment (it should show above the comment box) does not appear anymore like it used to.

Last time I had trouble with this blog I posted a question to a forum and got some help that way. They said the template I’m using is very old and has bugs but because of the age they don’t do anything to fix them. So there’s that.

Anyway, you can always email me at

Also, I don’t reply to your comments right after the comment. If a reply seems called for, I include it in a followup entry.

All for now, I have to get to Margo to pick up Joan and go visit the aunts and uncles.

Someone Like Me

lacy nightie

pretty touches

Editor Diana Athill wrote a memoir when she was in her eighties and I started reading it this morning. Methinks she and I have a few things in common.

‘Although for all my life I have been much nearer poor than rich, I have inherited a symptom of richness: I have a strong propensity for idleness. Somewhere within me lurks an unregenerate creature which feels that money ought to fall from the sky, like rain. Should it fail to do so — too bad: like a farmer enduring drought one would get by somehow, or go under, which would be unpleasant but not so unpleasant as having blighted one’s days by bothering about money. Naturally I always knew that one did in fact have to bother, and to some extent I did so, but only to the least possible extent. This meant that although I never went so far as to choose to do nothing, I did find it almost impossible to do anything I didn’t want to do.’ -D.A., Stet


I have a deadline to meet at noon today so have been working over the weekend. Joan arrived at Karen’s yesterday and leaves tomorrow, so I’m about to finish up my file and go spend the rest of the day with the two of them. The snow is almost all gone but its heralds, the large flocks of snow geese, have begun arriving from the north. It’s a cool, grey, wet morning.