SUN • Over Till Next Year

Leaving Camp

Camp is over for another year.

He went horseback riding, twice. He got a ride on a pontoon boat. They went for ice cream treats a time or two. He’d been swimming in the indoor pool at the camp. The weather was perfect, said one of his cabin counsellors. There was a talent show. On the last night, they had a dance. I’m surely forgetting something.

Emil delays leaving as long as he can, by encouraging me to meet each of his counsellors, take pictures of him with them, and then trying to get them to walk with us to our vehicle when they are busy trying to help all the campers get loaded up and headed home. I try to make the transition easier: buy a bag of Hawkins cheezies for him; say we’ll stop along the route to pick up something to drink.

Back in Wadena he was to be delivered to his workplace, where they were having a supper and dance. He had plenty to look forward to. What a great life he has.


SAT • Mimi on the Beach

Another carving, this one on the beach at Lake Manitou, which is about two hours from here.

Secret Agent Woman, I agree that dreams are uniquely personal, and have found universal symbolism to be helpful in understanding them. (Much like reading the tarot, actually, where each card has its “key” meaning even though more weight may be placed on whatever graphic element jumps out). I don’t disallow universal meanings though, ever since in a dream I was the big female cheese in a harem and the sheik slapped me in front of everyone. Weird dream, one of those that makes you scratch your head, wondering why you’d dream such a thing. I didn’t know it at the time, but such a dream—that exact scenario! I later found described in a dream book—is a portent that you will be humiliated by a lover. Within weeks, that’s exactly what happened.

Birdie, one of my recurring dreams is that I go visit my parents in a beautiful large home that I haven’t seen before. I’m thrilled to discover many luxurious rooms, like an indoor pool and overarching greenhouse. These dreams I take to be showing me the many unknown aspects of the ancestry that has made me what I am, some yet to be discovered. They encourage me to remember that there is still plenty of the happy unknown still to come. Any time I dream of a house that is my own, though, I take it as representing me. Your dream I’d interpret as you being someone a friend can relate to emotionally (bath=water), and that you have a lot of understanding (many bathrooms to choose from) to give. Perhaps you get this from your mother? Anyway, it’s what you make of the dream that matters, just as Secret Agent Woman says.

Lorna, Superman? As in, you go flying? Cool. I love my flying dreams – the lucid ones where I seem to really be there and to know I’m dreaming.

Mary, when I’m stressed, my dreams give me mice in the basement. I like yours better.

FRI • Off to Prison

If I hear one more person repeat that refugees to Canada receive more money and help from the government than seniors, I am going to scream.

Why do people not take five minutes to do a little research and find out the facts? It’s like they’d rather believe anything that gives them cause to bitch and complain about someone else and feel sorry for their own selves.

Here’s a brief quiz you can take that also offers facts. F.A.C.T.S. Remember those? Of course you do. It’s those other doofi (doofuses) out there who make my eyes roll.

Thanks to Marilyn at for posting the link to this quiz.

Or how about the one about how our seniors would be so much better off in prison than in a nursing home, because criminals live such a cushy life in comparison? O I love that one. Makes me wanna run right out and murder someone so I can get myself into jail where I’ll have no financial worries. Prison sounds so attractive. Get to wear a jumpsuit, be locked into my “room” every night, and freedom? What’s that? Who needs it? Put me in handcuffs now!

Kate, shaking her head


THURS • Dream of Pink Dog

daisiesSmall dog in dream/found/pink
I’ll take care of her
Not sure how
She has sagging teats
Pups somewhere?
Affection and stress

This dream occupied my thoughts for hours after waking. Some do. Why?

Usually my dreams clarify a situation I’m in. Occasionally they predict something that’s coming. Once in a blue moon they are wish fulfilment. Sometimes they give me experiences I don’t have in this life: I’m a soldier on the battlefield, I’m a mother who can’t find her child (oh the agony!), I’m a man having intercourse with a woman (now I understand how men may be led by their genitals — oh my god the pleasure). I meet new lovers in dreams, and old friends who aren’t lovers.  Who needs movies when there are dreams!

To dream about small dogs suggests that your ideas are compromising your moral integrity. –

Animal dreams symbolize your basic feelings, behaviors, and reactions. They are dreams about instinct, often repressed or overlooked, and frequently reveal the shadow side of a person’s everyday self. –

Ha Ha:

death ankles down

Oh well, enough of that. Dreams shmeams. Who knows?

WEDNESDAY: Quick Look at Danceland

band entranceRain! Rain! Rain! Rain!

Thunder and lightning.


That was yesterday morning and oh how welcome was that little bit of heaven.

Today we were roused by a phone call at 7 a.m. (often the case as people try to catch Farmbeau before he goes out the door) and not only was it foggy outside, but indoors the temperature, after the windows had been open all night, was only 66F. (What’s that in Celsius? Ridiculous, isn’t it, that after all these years I still know what Fahrenheit temperatures feel like, but Celsius remains unfamiliar. From the hall thermostat I’m aware that 22C is my preferred indoor ambience, and that’s as far as I get.)

After dropping Emil off at Camp Easter Seal I made only one stop, and that was across the street from Danceland.

Danceland front

My husband in the next life will love dancing.

Danceland plaque



MONDAY: Off to Camp

camp easter seal entrance We were out the door shortly after nine and arrived at Manitou Beach at 11:30.
As soon as Emil met one of his counsellors, I was dismissed to make my way home again.

I drove down the resort village’s main drag to see what I could see. Usually I stop at the Village Perk (what’s this! it’s closed?) but not today. There were a lot of people on the street, mostly getting in and out of vehicles and heading for the beach. I’ve never seen the place so busy. Could it be that the TV show Still Standing has put Manitou Beach back on the map? A lot of people never knew it was there. Now they do.

Lake Manitou is a saltwater body of water and I blame that for the fact that there’s no “lake” scent and the place always seems dusty. I’ve spent a night there a time or two but something is missing — the freshwater I guess.

It’s hot; hot enough that I had to turn the car fan up high in order for the air conditioning to keep me comfortable. It feels cool when you step into our house, but not for long.

camp easter seal entrance carving


SUNDAY: Arrow-Leaved Coltsfoot

I had to post this photo for Maggie, who’s mentioned coltsfoot but it seems to be a different plant than what I’m thinking of.

This might be the explanation: it flowers quite a while before developing these large leaves with the “flannel” on one side.

You were remarking upon the blooms in early spring, Maggie.

According to The Standing People, by Kahlee Keane, it’s common in this province for people not to know what the plant is when it’s in flower, but to recognize it as coltsfoot once they see the leaves weeks later.

“One day during my first prairie spring, I was drawn to a strong sweet aroma emanating from among the dead grasses in a ditch close to our house. Upon further inspection, the sweet scent was coming from a relatively tall (about 12 inches) thick scaly flowering stalk with many blossoms in a dense head. Having never encountered this plant, I asked a few locals about it but they didn’t know what it was called.

Over the next weeks, more and more appeared in the same area and then weeks later a funny thing happened when arrow-shaped leaves appeared around the now dying flowers. Now everyone knew the large leafy plant was called coltsfoot.”


“The medicinal qualities are contained in the leaves…A tea made from the leaf, gathered from an unpolluted area, sipped throughout the day, will calm a repetitive cough by soothing the mucous membranes. The leaf is one ingredient of a herbal tobacco substitute that helps you kick the ‘habit’ while at the same time cleaning and tonifying your lungs. Some of the other ingredients in this mixture are mullein, mint, yarrow, bearberry and labrador tea. Mix together, with mullein comprising about half the total amount, each of the others about ten percent. You can roll cigarettes, make a tea from the mix, or use as a fragrant smudge.”