Fancy Edibles

I just loved this and have to show you.


Click on the image to go to, where you may find more of these cute ideas. This was my favourite. What do you think the little black nose and eyes are made of?

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Barely Keeping Up

Oh my, talk about busy.

We’ve had rain and serious cold, and it has put a stop to everything in the fields, so that has meant that farmers are running here and there for parts to keep their machinery in tiptop shape because they won’t have time to do it when they get back out there, and they are stopping in for a quick hello and a bite to eat, and we have been on the run too, just trying to keep enough food ready to serve.

To make matters worse, Dawn has been down with a flu and unable to do her usual baking, so guess who has had to step in and try to carry that show? Yeah.

I’m beat, and glad the week is over.

open day and night

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Coffee Row

And we’re off and running into a new week!

I still get excited about Monday mornings, every time.

Maybe it’s because customers coming in today will almost always have something interesting to say about the weekend; either something they did themselves, or something someone else did. You just never know, but it’s always worth a listen. On Mondays, I tend to keep one ear on the front so I can hear the conversations, even while I’m in the back making the week’s supply of cookie dough.

It can get quite loud and raucous out there on Monday mornings, too. It’s as if all those men who come for “coffee row” each day actually missed each other over the weekend. They’d never admit it, but that’s how it seems to me. They sound like a bunch of worked-up little boys on their first day of school, looking for some hijinx to get into and just glad to see the “team” again.

I have yet to see one woman join these men at coffee row. That seems a bit strange; surely there must be times when a wife comes to town with her husband in the morning? But I guess they only come when they have something else to do in town. They don’t “waste” their time gossiping in the local coffee shop. They’re off somewhere, running an errand or completing a task.

Women’s conversations tend to be more intimate and of a more personal nature, and quietly spoken (i.e. harder to overhear). Their voices don’t carry as well and maybe they’re less concerned about making themselves heard, too; men seem to speak particularly loudly when they are talking to other men. Just a little something I’ve observed over the years here.

Well, I had best get down to business. Can’t dawdle here at the laptop all day now, can I?

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Feast for Sore Eyes

It’s hard enough being a woman my age without men walking in here — married men — being all gorgeous and friendly. Honest to god in a heartbeat, there may not be many of them but the ones there are do give me a bit of a jumpstart. I guess that’s not anything to complain about. It just sets me dreaming and longing as I try to get my blood back down to a gentle simmer from the violent boil it’s been on all morning. How’s a girl to get any work done!

Because I’m sworn off men. Not just married men, of course, but all of them. They’re more trouble than they’re worth, and I do not need the aggravation. That’s not to say I don’t adore them; it’s to say that in the long term I’ve always ended up tired and disappointed and yes, even lonely, and I don’t want to go there anymore.

The single life is good. I keep my place just the way I like it. No one leaves their socks on the floor or their empty beer cans on the counter. I take out my own garbage and am never pissed off that someone else hasn’t done his share of the housework. I have friends and family for company and support, and I have no one but this café business to answer to.

I may be single, but I am not dead. I still notice and appreciate a handsome piece of male pulchritude, particularly when it comes with personality. The difference between me now and me 20 years ago is that I am happy to keep Mr Right Now at a distance and just feast my eyes.

san luis obispo

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Sit Damn Down

Julie had a good idea there: Sit Damn Down. So that’s what I’m doing. It’s what I used to do every morning, back in the days before Stubblejumpers got too busy for it. I used to sit here in the dark with my laptop on the counter and drink my coffee and smell the bread a-baking, and it set the tone for my whole day. I could gather myself together before customers started coming in, and by the time I unlocked the front door at 10, I was ready for all of it.

Then we got busy, and there was simply too much to do to keep up. So I got away from it, more’s the pity.
I’m going to go back to it though, as it made all the difference to how much pleasure I took from my work.
Thanks for the reminder, J. Seriously. Why is it that sometimes we just need to hear it from someone else?

This is going to be a potato week at the café. They’re in season and we have a shitload of them to use up. How can I include them in the daily special without making everyone sick of them? Potato bread, scallopped potatoes, french fried potatoes, potato soup … that’s four. I do have a recipe for potato salsa here somewhere. Been meaning to try that for years. No time like the present.

And with that, my friends, the morning sit-down comes to an end. I’ve got the day off, the sun’s shining, the wind’s blowing leaves off trees, and there are whitecaps on the lake. I’m off out. See you back here bright and early tomorrow.


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Maybe We’ll Open Saturdays

Dear Julie,

Thanks for the reminder. I do a lot of jumping up and running around, don’t I?

Sitting down here for a few minutes to write to you will be good for me.

The café is closed today. Normally Ginny would be here giving it the once-over and there would be banging and clattering and I’d be upstairs sat in a sunny window with my laptop, all by my sweet lonesome and lovin’ it. But this weekend she’s got something on that must be attended to, so I’ve been vacuuming and it’s time to take a nice little break.


This letter may take me all day to write. I keep seeing things I want to do RIGHT NOW and leaping up to do them. They’re small things, but … they add up, and there goes the day! Thank the heavenly stars Ginny wants the work most of the time. She’s a good cook, too, which is even better. Stubblejumpers can keep her busy, pretty much any time she likes.

You should come out and see the new patio! If we get decent weather one of these days, that is. It’s too chilly out there for this chick right now. But later I’ll take a thermos of hot cocoa and dress for winter and lounge on the patio one last time, perhaps, before the snow flies.


Someone at the door.


There often is, though we’re closed weekends. We should start opening more hours; people like a bite to eat on Saturdays too. I don’t suppose you want some part-time work again?

Well, let me get this sent. It’s only a quick hello and a wave, but “like I always say sometimes” (where does that quote come from?), Always leave ‘em wantin’ more.

HEXes and O’s to you,

Ms Blathers

Hey, you Ms. Blathers, you!  I bet you didn’t think I’d answer your letter.  And so quick of me, too!  (Ha!)

I know what you mean about the days evaporating into the mist of small things.  I love the feeling of days just passing like that, even though I suppose most of our neighbours might call it wasting time.  I have never been in a country that was having a war, but I do think that the reason we are able to live these normal lives of not-very-exciting details is because we are in a country which is at peace.  We drift from task to task in such a peaceful way.

Just thinking about it makes me breathe more deeply.  I am grateful for our normal boring lives in Saskatchewan.

What makes you think I haven’t seen the patio?  I drove by the other day; I even saw you motoring around as I glanced towards the front window.  I didn’t dare come in because you would put me to work, no doubt!  The patio is looking good!  Just needs some flower pots which I could help you with in the spring.

I’ll give it some thought–the Saturday idea, I mean.  I have been pretty busy with my new job, but you know the old saying, “If you need something done, ask a busy person!”

Lots of love,


cafe in eilat

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Sit down, Blondi!

borscht 001For heaven’s sake, I said, sit down, Blondi!  Your hair looks all steamed and wispy.  How long have you been on your feet making bread and soup?  Well, it’s too long, I say.  Take a chair and have a taste of this wonderful Russian Borscht.  Natasha showed me how to make it–you know the girl I met at the campground last weekend!  She was fighting with her boyfriend and after I heard the shouting, I invited her into my cabin and she showed me how to make this delicious soup. So, like I said, sit down. There’s enough here for the lunch crowd, I dare say.

I know you’ll want the recipe so here it is:

Russian Borscht

2 large or 3 medium beets, thoroughly washed
2 large or 3 medium potatoes, sliced into bite-sized pieces
4 Tbsp of cooking oil
1 medium onion, finely chopped
2 carrots, grated
1/2 head of cabbage, thinly chopped
1 can kidney beans with their juice
2 bay leaves
10 cups water and 6 cups broth (16 cups total)
5 Tbsp ketchup
4 Tbsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp freshly ground pepper
1 Tbsp chopped dill

The process:

Put the 10 cups of water in a large soup pot. Add the beets without peeling and bring to a boil. After about an hour, they should be soft enough to pierce with a fork. At that time remove from the water and set aside.

Add the sliced potato to the water and boil 15 to 20 minutes. Grate both carrots and dice the onion. Add oil to a skillet and saute the vegetables until they are soft, about 10 minutes. Stir in ketchup when they are nearly done.

Thinly shred the cabbage and add it to the pot of water when the potatoes are partly cooked. Then peel the beets, slice them into match stick pieces, and add them to the pot. Add 6 cups of chicken broth, the lemon juice, pepper, bay leaves, and can of kidney beans to the pot. Add the cooked carrots and onion to the pot, along with the chopped dill. Cook until the cabbage is tender, about 10 minutes.

Serve into bowls, add a dollop of sour cream, and serve with a crunchy slice of wholesome toast.


Yes, Blondi, I thought the kidney beans would be a bit much so I left them out.  Plus I have no bay leaves, or maybe I just can’t find them in that mess I call my spice cupboard. Nobody’s perfect, and nothing is perfect except this damn soup.  So eat up, girl, and let me take it from here.


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