Trying These

I find myself tired around 7 o’clock most nights. Maybe that’s normal now that I’m an earlier riser or now that I’m almost 60, but I don’t like it. Then there are the migraine/neck things I’ve lived with for the past 30 years. Could mineral supplements make a difference? Nothing else ever has, so I’m always looking for *solutions and preventions.

Mine have arrived and I’m taking two each morning.

DAY 4: I’m doing a lot of singing and dancing as I putz around the house. That may or may not be all that unusual; just that it hasn’t been usual lately.

DAY 23: Not feeling anything different yet. To be fair, I’ve also made sure to drink eight glasses of water every day for the past three weeks, and it hasn’t made any noticeable difference either.

BEGINNING OF MONTH 2: Off I go on my second bottle. I’ll give these supplements six months and then decide whether to continue. What is my main hope? Less frequent or, even better, no migraines. Anything else will just be an improvement on my otherwise perfectly healthy state of being. Although it would be great if I never again had cold feet or hands while watching TV, or never had to throw off the covers in the middle of the night.

MONTH 3: I’m told it may take six months for the detoxifying effects of the supplements to be noticed. We shall see. I’ve just started my third bottle.

If such things pique your interest, here’s a webpage that offers some information:

Click on the orange link that says “To learn more about Cellenda click here,” to find out what’s actually in the capsules.

I’ve just started taking the ReKick too, which will cloud the issue if I notice myself feeling noticeably different. I won’t know which one gets the credit.

You’ll be able to order your own (and I’ll make a million dollars!) should I soon report that I appear 10 years younger and have doubled my energy. Sure to happen, right? They could be having some growing pains with the website, so let me know if you’re trying to order and have any problems.

Bev saw some surprising results when she was taking these (she had Cellenda samples) and when they ran out, it wasn’t long till those positive changes reversed themselves so she’s been won over.

I’ll keep this page updated, so check back from time to time if you’d like to see what impact they make, if any.


Possible *solutions and preventions? I’ve yet to try a gluten-free diet; diets give me headaches. I’m careful with chocolate, sugar, and alcohol, try to eat regular meals, and pay attention to my water intake. I’m aware of my posture, try to do a hatha yoga routine every day, and daily brisk walks of at least a mile are aimed at. I’ve had regular therapeutic massages, shiatsu, and chiropractic adjustments over long periods (like years). My jaw’s been looked at for TMJ; I don’t have it. Drinking a Coca-Cola sometimes relieves if not vanquishes the symptoms, but not always. Anti-inflammatories usually work but there are a few crappy days when they don’t. All this to say that I’ve done all these things and more and still get these frikken “neck” things.

It’s Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Linus Pauling who said that all illness and disease comes from a lack of minerals. I’m testing his theory.