WHEN You Wish Upon a Star …

Makes No Difference Where You Are ...

I studied the tarot with Cheryl Forrest in 1984 and have been reading for myself and others ever since. She called her tarot workshop “Intuitive Counselling through Non-Traditional Tarot.”

Traditional tarot ascribes different and frequently opposite meanings to cards when they are drawn upside-down, or “reversed.” Non-traditional tarot doesn’t use upside-down cards; they are all studied upright although the cards around them influence their meaning as they do in traditional tarot.

When I post a “daily” or single card here on the blog, it’s in response to the question “What do I most need to know today?”

I set the card out where I can see it throughout the hours and be reminded of what could be helpful to think about. It’s a way of letting my understanding of the card go deeper. If you are here, reading my interpretation, the message is also for you if you want it to be. Are you listening? If you believe everything we experience is random, and you are here only by accident or by conscious choice, then the card will just be something “out there,” someone else’s reading, not speaking to you, offering only something of passing interest. On the other hand if you believe, as I do, that all encounters can offer you something worthwhile, then … you may be on this particular page today for a reason and if you take the card personally, it will apply to you personally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for readings?

Yes I do. Happy to barter if you’re low on funds. Not that you can’t give me cash if that suits you better, but I’m open to exchanges. I’ve received crocheted doilies, pants, Saskatchewan-grown organic apples, and handmade jewellery, among other things. No pets or livestock please!

General reading, $50:
This reading looks at your life using a nine-card layout reflecting your inner self and environment, lessons to be learned and personal challenges to meet, recent past and present and near future conditions if you keep on exactly as you are. You can then ask the cards three questions.

Birthday, wedding, anniversary reading, $10:
Because this one-card reading can be referred back to all year and often much longer, special-occasion tarot “cards” keep on giving, as opposed to being shoved into a drawer or thrown into the recycling bin and never seen again or thought about.

The birthday reading speaks to what’s happening in the person’s life and what they need to remember throughout the coming year. A wedding or anniversary reading advises a couple what they would be wise to focus upon for the good of their relationship, often pointing out areas that will be or are of particular challenge.

New Year’s reading, $50:
This draw looks at the year ahead, month by month, using a 13-card draw.

Do readings have to be done in person?

You don’t have to be sitting in front of me to have your cards read. If you can’t visit me, I “tune in” the same way I would if you were here. I draw the cards for you, then type out and email your reading.

Traditional tarot tends to stick to the “book definition” of the cards, although the reader’s intuition (and perspective) affects the interpretation just as it does while reading non-traditionally. Cheryl taught me to read cards by noticing what my eye is first and most drawn to, and to give that a weight at least equal to the traditional interpretation of the particular card. Thus the same card may have a different meaning or focus each time it is read. The reader’s intuition is given as much weight as the “book” definition of the card. Sometimes even more.

May I purchase a reading as a gift?

Yes and no.

• There’s one reading you can give to a friend; it’s the birthday, wedding, or anniversary card. Tarot card, that is. You provide your friend’s name, email address and birthdate. I do a one-card draw and email the interpretation to your friend for their special occasion (along with a note forwarded from you). The reading is confidential; you don’t get a copy, but I’ll notify you when it’s been sent and will send you a copy of the tarot card I read.

These tarot “greeting” cards offer insights that are useful for a long time to come, and are meaningful to those who receive them.

The tarot cards have surprised me many, many times over the past 30-some years. They’ve surprised the people I’ve read for, too. They’re not always 100% correct and they aren’t meant to be; their messages are being translated by a person who has her own experience that they are filtered through. If a reading is 80% correct, that is a good score. This is why you must always take every reading with a grain of salt, think for yourself, don’t believe everything you’re told, and make your own decisions, regardless of what the reader tells you.

• I’ll only do General and New Year’s readings for people who request them personally. If you want to pay for the reading, that’s between you and your friend. But gift certificates, surprises, no. You know how you can lead a horse to water, but … ? Well, this is like that. A tarot card reading is an intimate conversation that will give a person a lot of food for thought over the year that follows. I do readings for people who are interested in having this conversation.

It’s important to find a reader who can get out of the way and tell you what the cards are saying to you, rather than imposing her own ideas and values. Also, is it someone whose sensibilities you trust? The reader’s beliefs and perspective are a filter, no matter how “good” or “accurate” s/he is. Choose your tarot reader with care.

If I’m doing my job right, I tell you what the card says (as opposed to what I think, which is often quite different).

How can tarot cards know anything about me?

I can’t explain it— I mean, even if I could it would still be mysterious.
I might try, though! Watch this space. For now, suffice it to say that I would do a very similar reading even if we didn’t use tarot cards. Let’s stick to the simple and obvious, for now: the cards are a useful tool for examining your story. They’re a fabulous visual aid.

Would you do a reading for me?

Sure. Write to me at STUBBLEJUMPERSCAFE@GMAIL.COM. Put “tarot reading” in the subject line. I’ll get back to you and we’ll set a date for me to do your reading.

Tarot card readers don’t know anything you don’t know and they are not fortune-tellers. They have no special powers, they cannot read your mind, they don’t know your secrets and are not above any of the problems of life. Tarot readers are only people who have practised translating into words what the cards suggest in pictures. The cards tell a story. Intuition helps relate it to you and your life.