WHY NOT Meet My Helpers

Contentment isn’t all about the big picture — a healthy family, a reliable income, a comfortable home and loving relationships. It’s just as much about the little sweetnesses, unexpected triumphs and endless discoveries that can brighten each day: the books, the music, nature and wildlife, and the many delights of daily living.

Then there are the things and people who enrich our lives, providing products and/or services that support our own choices.

When my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and successfully pursued naturopathic methods of healing, she called them her “helpers.” Well, here are some of my helpers. Click on the images below to go to their webpages:

Kate Althouse lives near Nut Mountain, Saskatchewan, and is offering her unique skills to those who seek. Visit her webpage at Bluehorn Healing Centre.
You can buy them or you can make your own, and they work! Sometimes we’d have five birds hitting our living room window every day. Now … none.
Click on the photo to go to the Zen Wind Curtains site.