Wednesday: $100 WORTH OF GRUB

This is how much 100 bucks buys you these days at the Co-op store in Wadena. Along with eggs delivered by a local lady, and a freezer full of meat, this will last us about 10 days.
Thank god we aren’t feeding teenagers anymore.

Ursula Le Guin has turned me on to several book titles that I was able to get from the local library. Jump-Off Creek, by Molly Gloss, was un-put-down-able. A headachey couple of days — actually, groggy days due to the prescription drug — have seen me taking time to sit in the living room and read before dark.

One of the main characters in the story is a tall, skinny woman who, widowed, goes to Oregon to homestead in the 1890s. She meets one of very few neighbour ladies, who says to her, “You are quite as thin as six o’clock.” That one went into my handwritten journal. Have you ever heard it before? I hadn’t.

Back to normal today. Woo hoo! Will get some work done again and feel like life is something to enjoy rather than slog through without energy.



After a good snowfall accompanied by wind, there’s some gorgeous white sculpture in the landscape around here.

Soon to be gone, though. Soon. Soon.

With all the fresh snow, we’ve been noticing unfamiliar animal tracks and trying to figure out what could’ve made them. This morning there was a new visitor to the oak trees in front of our picture window: a grey squirrel.

We are thankful that, in spite of the common attitude that squirrels are just rats with bushy tails, it isn’t actually a rat.

It’s nice to see a different creature in and beneath the trees.




Now do you see why I have a good chuckle every morning when I look into the bathroom mirror? With this hair, you never know exactly what you’re going to see when I first get out of bed.

I’ve been up since 7 a.m.

A full pot of coffee is made and I’ve wiped the kitchen table, which I somehow never got around to last night. The rest of the household is still snoring.

Kaity wasn’t able to come after all. She called Thursday morning, naturally upset, having learned that her stepmom is in a hospital in Alberta, not expected to live. She drove that direction instead.

Her other dad, “Dad Cam” she calls him, flew into Saskatoon yesterday morning, rented a car, and drove out here. He picked up my boys in Wadena on his way past and we spent the afternoon and evening visiting. Gord, their dad, came walking into the yard at 7. He’d arrived from St. Albert (Edmonton) and his vehicle had slid off the driveway and been pulled by the snow into the ditch. Shovelling and pushing only made it go in deeper. Fortunately there was a Good Samaritan in the next farmyard who came and pulled it out with a tractor.

Supper was Cinnamon and Chicken Stew and Drop Biscuits.

We’re back in the deep freeze again, by the way. Full-on winter. But a flock of Canada geese flew over the yard the other day, so it must be spring. I haven’t slipped and fallen on my ass this year; knock on wood.