three girls skippingWe are not primarily put on this earth to see through one another, but to see one another through.
-Peter de Vries

My Sister Joan

Joan turns 53 in 2021

Prints of her originals are now for sale on Etsy at Joan Caroline Art.

She also has a studio in Kelowna where you can go and peruse her work and that of several other artists. Look for Fools & Sages.

Mick here is one of my favourite paintings but is just one example that isn’t remotely representative of all that she does. Go have a look; Joan’s choice of subject seems unlimited.

Mock Jagger


My Sister Karen

Karen 60

She’s been making stained glass pieces and sometimes takes orders for your choice of design.
Here’s one sample:

We’re the Ugli Seestas. I’m proud of my little sisters for many reasons, not least of which are their artistic skills.

But if it were possible to show off the following attributes, I’d brag about their kind hearts, generosity, practicality, sweetness, and love of laughter. You couldn’t find a loyal friend more supportive, appreciative, accepting and loving than either of these women, and I’ve been blessed with two. So lucky. Ugly Sisters May 2021