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Blondi Blathers is the Twitter handle of a Saskatchewan-born and -raised person who moved back about 20 years ago to make a home with her sweetie.

Margo is my home town; his is Wadena, 20 minutes down the road. We lived with my two boys in Scott’s little house in his parents’ farmyard for the first few years before buying Golden Grain Farm a mile away.




Living Quarters:


Golden Grain Farm is between Margo and Wadena. The property was named by children’s author Thornton W Burgess (1874–1965). Apparently there once was a three-storey farmhouse (long gone) with a wraparound veranda — his summer retreat back in the day. Now Farmbeau and I live in a smallish 1970s bungalow.

This sign was hanging at the end of the driveway when we bought the place and it is still there on this old eyesore hunk of junk farm implement. That “the” in there doesn’t fit, but maybe it’s what Burgess actually called the place. I didn’t find anything online about him ever living here, but in the Wadena history book it’s mentioned. I like to imagine him here, making up his stories.

More info about Thornton Burgess: click here.

• If I could do exactly what I wanted every day of my life, I’d be reading, writing, listening to music, playing music (can’t play my instruments worth shit; it’s still fun), singing (not in public, but with others), listening to favourite radio programs, communing with the flowers and birds and fairies and elves, and sitting on the back step with a friend and a glass of wine on a summer evening, or by a crackling fire in the winter.

• What I actually do is try to keep on top of the dishes, read and write at every opportunity, spend as much time outside as possible when the weather’s fair, and sit alone on the back step with a glass of wine on summer evenings, admiring my flowers, listening to the birds and hoping fairies and elves really do exist.

And then there’s making a living. I’ve worked in publishing for the past couple decades, both full-time and freelance. I’m also part-time in two municipal offices near here.
As a volunteer I help with some of the communications for the  Wadena Food Bank but I have to say, the women running that endeavour are doing all the work and a lot of it.

• It’s possible that you have landed on this page without knowing that Saskatchewan is in Canada, so here you go: Canada.

Scott and I have been together since 2000. We have three sons (Gunnar, Emil, Everett), a daughter-in-law (Melissa) and two granddaughters (the Littles: Eva and Rose).

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I set forth a humble and inglorious life; that does not matter. You can tie up all moral philosophy with a common and private life just as well as with a life of richer stuff. ~ Michel de Montaigne



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Indeed, that is just what a common and private life is: a life of the richest stuff imaginable.

~ Montaigne biographer Sarah Bakewell


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