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TUES: Things That Grow

an orange, a banana, and an apple on a table top
My lunch in the Margo office last Tuesday.

Fruit never makes me feel full, even if three pieces of it have been eaten. Not that I can eat three at once. I’m doing well if I get one down, not being a big fruit-eater. It’s all I can do, most days, to consume one apple.

Yesterday was spent in the kitchen, as the mosquitoes were so rude as to even dive in behind my spectacles when I was out there digging up ferns to give away. That was more than I could take.

So today, although I’ll take an apple along, lunch will either be Spanish Beans or Chickpea Salad, a recipe my friend Cathy sent that I made for the first time.

I also made a rhubarb bread pudding, and a chocolate cake.


Dear Pixie,
You asked the size of the flowerbed.

According to Farmbeau, who is better than me at eyeballing distances, the one in the front yard is about 40 feet wide and near 20 feet at the longest point from back to front, where it curves outward.

There’s another one beneath three oak trees and it’s a good size too, but not visible from the kitchen window and, because mostly shady, short on annuals. Peonies, ferns, shasta daisies, maltese crosses, columbines, violets, hostas, a rocket flower and a daylily are flowers I’ve put there, and I’ve let meadow rue and solomon’s seal fill in as they please. There is also some kind of bush or shrub that transplanted itself there from god knows where, and every year I’ve chopped it down. This summer I’ll leave it be. Anything that can survive in competition with the roots of burr oaks and the shade of their leaves can have its way.

There is a sunnier spot at the south end of the row near the living room window, where this year I’ve put nicotiana, portulaca, calendula, gazania and a lone zinnia in with the Chinese lantern, painted daisy, blue flax and anemone that are permanent residents. The other day I was hoeing around a rose bush in the front yard and almost chopped off a lamb’s ear, so moved it into the south flower bed too. It’s looking fine; and good luck to it.

There will be photos when the flowers amount to anything. We’ve having light rains these days and now need some rays to get things moving along, but the columbines in the front flowerbed are blooming along with the poppies and blue flax, and the annuals of course. It’s starting to delight the eye.


Looking Back
Kelvington Radio June 13, 1952 LINTLAW: Mrs. Art Bourget is the owner of a hen who is mothering a batch of kittens. The hen steps aside to allow the mother cat long enough time to feed her kittens; then she is rudely told to scat; and the old hen clucks away to the kittens; till they are all once more safely under her wings. –Wadena News


a child's wooden sandbox and plastic toys
Next door to the lake cabin is this sandbox built with a split lid that folds over to keep cats out, and when not folded down, it converts to two bench seats. We thought Scott might take the idea and build something similar for the grandchildren.

3 thoughts on “TUES: Things That Grow

  1. I look forward to the photos. Those are huge flower beds. Lots of work but lots of flowers:)

    I have much smaller beds but the bed in the front of the house that I expanded last year is coming along nicely.

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  2. That reminds me, I need to get out in the garden. Unfortunately the weather has not been cooperating. Yum on the rhubarb bread pudding.

    Liked by 1 person

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