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Whoops! I mean FRIDAY: More May Moisture

desk and chairs in a sunny room
When they say “Go to your happy place,” I start by imagining myself in this chintz-covered chair.

The covid line on the rapid-test stick is fainter each day, and each day I cough and sneeze less frequently. This morning — it’s 10 after nine — I haven’t had to blow my nose yet. I’m getting there! It’s Day 10 of positive test results, and I have to go to town and run errands this afternoon. I’ll be masking and distancing, as always, but what do you bet I’ll return exhausted.


I’ve just finished reading Rick Mercer’s memoir, Talking to Canadians. What perfect reading for times that laughter is the best medicine. It also brought a tear to my eye more than once, when he described his visits to Canadian troops in war zones like Bosnia and Afghanistan.


Scott found one of Duckie Doodle’s teeth on the living room floor this morning. He’d given the dog a piece of gristle (or something) to chew on last night, and my guess is that Duckie gave it hell.


Here’s a picture taken Wednesday morning in our yard:

herd of deer in farmyard
Photo shot through kitchen window screen; these are all young bucks.

And here’s one taken yesterday:

snow in may
It snowed all day and this photo was taken in the evening.

The ground out there is still white. There was a lot of snow, which means a lot of moisture, which means there are a lot of anxious and depressed farmers around here.


Hi AC,
Gasp! Endeavour!!! We have watched every episode we could get. I think there’s another season we don’t have access to at present. I’m envious of you two.

Dear Diane,
That bit about the jockey came from the community newspaper’s historical archive, Looking Back. Back in the day, there must’ve been many who knew the man or his family. Who knows, maybe there still are relations of his around here.


Looking Back 110 YEARS AGO May 9, 1912 An incident occurred last week that would indicate that the triumph of the horseless carriage is not yet complete. An automobile was shipped to town and had to be unloaded. A. A. Brown’s faithful old greys were called into use and as they plowed along through the mud with the machine on the dray they looked good and happy. – Wadena News

4 thoughts on “Whoops! I mean FRIDAY: More May Moisture

  1. I have heard that Endeavor is coming back. I sure hope so. I loved that program. Then we watched all of the Morse episodes. and did comparison studies to the younger Morse. Pandemic entertainment! That picture out your kitchen window, tell me about the four small buildings to the left of the barn. They intrigue me.

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  2. The deer are beautiful, the snow, not so much. It must have been awful for you, stuck at home with nothing to do but read. Hahahaha

    I just bought three books for holidays next month. Here’s hoping I don’t read them before we go.

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  3. Still working our way through Endeavour. We’re on 6 (I think) with only one more series to go for now. Series 8 will come out later this year. I won’t be surprised if it is the final series.

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