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TUES: Detectorists

deer watching me
A buck watches from the other side of the dugout.

Rather than allowing the mind to be swayed by outer circumstances, we practice staying open to what is, relating to it with compassion and kindness. – By the Sycamore Tree 

I seem to need the above reminder … daily!


My dear Dkzody,
“Detectorists” was absolutely worth my time and Scott enjoyed it too. That doesn’t mean it’s for you, of course, but do let me know. Thanks for the heads-up that there’s a third season! Scott found it and we watched the entire thing last night. 

It’s one of those shows that makes me think Mom would’ve liked it too, and I’m sorry she missed it.


Ten years ago, the farmers were in the fields, seeding their crops. Today they can’t get into the fields because they’re too muddy. Again it was raining this morning when I woke at six; and didn’t go for a walk because of it. I’ve decided to get back into the habit for the summer but being wet is not a good look for someone recovering from a covid cold. I went at nine instead, during a lull in the rain, but the wind turned me back at the end of the driveway. Maybe later . . .  .


Looking Back 40 YEARS AGO April 29, 1982 ROSE VALLEY: Dave Gall turned 40 last year and celebrated his journey into middle age by winning his second national riding title. The native of Rose Valley used Fairmount Park as his own private playland as he led all jockeys in North America with 376 winners. – Wadena News

A grey cloud over granaries


4 thoughts on “TUES: Detectorists

  1. We started that show but quickly moved on. Others seem to like it. Maybe we’ll give it another chance some day. Right now we are re-watching Endeavour while we have a free month of PBS Masterpiece.

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  2. ahh…the joys of farming! The farmland is too darn wet around here too. Only the odd farmer here and there in the outlying areas of our very wet zone. Sun is shinning today though. Looks promising. I’ll try to send some your way.

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  3. How wonderful to discover someone else who is actually interested in a jockey, never mind that he was Canadian born! And rural living. I may not live on the farm anymore but sure can relate.

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