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Where We’ve Been


Holding this sweet little darling in our arms at every opportunity.

He arrived several days earlier than expected so we drove to Calgary sooner than planned.

Like his two older sisters — I call each of them (here, at least) by one of their middle names — this is Little Scott.


Looking Back
Kelvington Radio
January 11, 1952

LINTLAW: The Village Council
have flooded the old Skating Rink in the centre of the village, and the
young folks are having the time of their lives. Happy screeching can be
heard quite early in the morning, and the children very reluctantly leave
the ice when the curfew rings. –Wadena News


I did not know that coffee grounds create methane and are a source of the carbon that is creating havoc with our climate. Still learning. This company takes the coffee grounds used to make the equivalent of 21 cups of coffee, and makes a pair of sneakers.

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