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No Sir, Not For Me

One afternoon he brewed a large pot of oxtail soup.

“Is it seriously the tails of cattle?” I ask, hoping against hope that it’s just a figure of speech, when I know the answer already. He rolls his eyes.

Later when he’s washing potatoes, I ask him to cook a few extra. I plan to make crustless quiche the next day and can throw in some spuds.

Come suppertime, I realize that aside from boiling a few potatoes for my recipe, he’s thrown the rest into his soup. There isn’t a separate pot of them for supper.

“Hmmm, what’m I gonna have… ” I mused.

“Soup!” he said.

“Uh, no. Thanks but no.”

He thinks I’m joking. Then he thinks I’m being silly. Then when he realizes I’m absolutely serious, he thinks I’m being ridiculous.

“Think of it this way,” I said. “What if I cook up a nice chicken-foot soup. How would that be? Would you like to eat that?”

He got it then.

He and Emil ate the oxtail soup and pronounced it delicious, and I’m sure it was.

I had noodle curry.

curried noodles

Photo taken this summer when we had zucchini coming out our ears and I was including it in meals every day 


3 thoughts on “No Sir, Not For Me

  1. We have an African American restaurant here in town, quite famous, that makes oxtails which people line up down the block to get. Not me. Their fried chicken is also excellent as well as the waffles, so I don’t go hungry.

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  2. Gosh oxtail soup – haven’t had that since I was a kid. And yes it was delicious but I guess it’s a question of what we’re used to. I’m assured snails and frogs’ legs are delicious but I ain’t going there!

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