Today's Special

Here Have a Treat

Enlarge the pic to see these pretty chocolates. Pretty damn good chocolates. Now that Karen’s have been delivered, I can show you how our box looked.

chocolates inside

Deluxe chocolates if you ever want to spoil yourself or your loved ones.  These are handmade in Calgary and shipped wherever you like by a husband and wife team, if I’ve got the story straight.

No time to relax and write but still alive out here in the 35-below, this morning. At least warm and dry so can’t complain. Supposed to warm up tomorrow. We’ll see. 

5 thoughts on “Here Have a Treat

  1. They look good , for sure. About the only commercial chocolates that I see are Quality Street, and thye aren’t all that wondaful IMO. I do like Turtles, however.

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  2. Depression has finally gotten hold of me again. I knew it would happen, it was just a matter of when.

    The chocolates look lovely. I imagine you curled up with a good book, sitting near a window for the light. It’s cold here too. Take care.

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