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The Freedom of Days Off

There are two tall stacks of library books here. Among them are four that cannot be renewed because someone else has put a hold on them. So this morning I picked up this one:oh william.

and have not been able to put it down for hours, until now when a second small pot of coffee is brewing, and I have every intention of reading on. I was going to use this day off to bake bread and maybe go to town for mail, as I’m expecting Xmas gifts I ordered and have a pair of alpaca mitts to send to Bev in Ontario, but … maybe I’ll spend the entire day reading. We shall see. I’m completely drawn in by the first-person writing. Is it any surprise that I love journals and blogs and memoirs and autobiographies and letters as I do?



Maybe I’ll get dressed though. 

3 thoughts on “The Freedom of Days Off

  1. Oh William is so good. If you have to, pay the fine to keep it until you finish it. Afterwards you may want to reread Strout’s Anything is Possible. That book makes more sense after reading Oh William.

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