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UffDa! Goodness

Relationship therapist Esther Perel talked about people’s reactions to the pandemic lockdown, noting that most families don’t spend all day together. Normally, family members will be in the same place up to three hours at a time in one day before they’ll each go about their own business, like a job or a hair appointment or to meet a friend for coffee or pick up groceries or maybe a couple will meet up with others for a visit. There are endless things that individuals sharing a home go out and do on their own or with others. So, she said, not having these habitual outs created a lot of stress for those who are not accustomed to being in each others’ faces while cooped up in their homes for 24 hours, day after day.

This makes so much sense. It’s how I am normally, never mind being restricted by a lockdown. Spending all day every day with anyone, even my best beloveds, for any extended period makes me want to find a bucket of sand to stick my head into. It’s not them, it’s me.

How did you manage during the lockdown period?


After dropping off Emil at Everett’s on Friday after work, I stopped at the library to return some books and went across the street to the post office, where this box of skin care products from UffDa Soaps was waiting to be picked up. I knew exactly what was in it — why wouldn’t I? I made the order — but still I was dying to open it. I got only this far (see below) because Scott had put a ham in the oven and I wanted to make scalloped potatoes to go with it, and you know how long that takes. It was 4:30 when I got here so I had to leave all these goodies in their box on the kitchen table, find a recipe that suited, and start preparing the ingredients.


Since I didn’t know how long the ham needed to roast and didn’t want to mess with the oven temperature, I decided to use the Magic Pot which cooks food quickly. I made cheese sauce in the pot, set the sauce aside and cleaned the pot, washed and peeled and sliced potatoes with the food processor Mom gave me, put them in the Wonder of Technology, and got the timer set, after much cursing and gritting of my teeth, as directed in the booklet that came with the thing.

By the time the spuds and sauce were transferred to a casserole dish, put under the broiler for a couple minutes, and brought to the table, it was 6:30. “That didn’t really save any time, did it?” laughed Smarty Pants. 

To be fair, it wasn’t the cooking time that took up nearly two hours. It was the prep time and the getting-up-to-pressure time. I was beat and cranky, sore-backed, by the time we ate. Good thing it was all delicious. 

Then I went through my box of goodies like a kid in a candy store:

box 2

Laura makes all this stuff herself, and much more. It looks like her website has been hacked so I’ve had to remove her ad from my “Helpers” page, for now. Note the two pairs of gloves. I have an “embarrassment” of gardening gloves for which I’m grateful, thanks to Laura, who always throws in something extra when sending an order.


I seem to have a cold! It’s been so long since this has happened that I’m in a state of disbelief. Yesterday I dragged around without even going outside, and lay down for an hour before supper, and the blowing of the nose was frequent. “Better out than in,” I tell myself, and hope not to start feeling worse. 

This morning I’m washing our bedsheets and a basket of my clothes. Not going to push myself to do more when my body needs all its energy to vanquish this virus. A trip to the maple tree to fill the birdfeeders and a drive to town to chauffeur Emil home from his brother’s will have to be enough fresh air. 

I brought home covid self-test kits to use before going to see the Calgary kids when Baby#3 is born. Maybe I’ll try one today to make sure this runny nose and general malaise isn’t a symptom of something uglier. It’s not that I feel too bad; if this is a cold, it’s the mildest one I’ve ever had. But if it isn’t, I’ll take extra precautions not to spread it to someone who might develop a more severe case of it. Or to spread it, period. 


A mere 20 miles walked in November. Tsk. And “shrug’ — it is what it is. 


3 thoughts on “UffDa! Goodness

  1. We did very well being at home almost all day with one another during the shutdown in early to late 2020. We both had things to do and the house is large enough with lots of space for us to each have our own. We also used our yards A LOT during the warm months. I’ve said, the library and the yards were my lifesaver during the pandemic. Because I did so much virtual storytelling during those months, the time really did fly by.


  2. You and me both have colds. I’ve been dragging my ass all day and had to cancel Miss Katie because I went for a covid test this morning. I can’t go to work with a runny nose and sore throat unless I test negative.

    I got the tree up and that was about it. I’m tired and thankfully Jack is with his grandma and aunt today.


  3. Except that we were more restricted than usual, lockdowns didn’t really affect us much. Sue has a corner in the bedroom or a spot downstairs where she can crochet. I spend a lot of time in my den, either on the computer or ipad or watching photo tutorials etc. We are not in each other’s way for much of the day. Althoguh we come together for lunch and dinner, ever our breakfasts are apart.


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