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Things Not as They May Appear

After going to bed last night it occurred to me that readers, judging by what I’ve written in the past couple days, might be assuming I’m having a hard time at home. I’m here this morning to tell you that isn’t the case. As a matter of fact, things are going better here than ever … probably better than they have since the early days of our relationship.

It made me take notice that at times of struggle in that department, I didn’t post anything about it. And when things are going smoothly, I write in such a way that may make readers wonder.

It seems a bit weird but maybe it’s easier for me to discuss relationships generally, while not experiencing hard times, than if personal things were rough around here, which I wouldn’t be posting about because there are two of us involved, not just me.

I’m no psychiatrist, but that’s my analysis.


I’m listening to a podcast on CBC about criminal cold cases. The CBC has been broadcasting these podcasts like “Somebody Knows Something” where the investigating journalist suggests that s/he is going to discover evidence that the police and detectives didn’t. I’ve found these podcasts all to be disappointing. They are not what is promised; they never find anything other than what the police found, except for a lot of speculation, some gossip, and what a court of law would probably call hearsay. They’ve yet to solve, as far as I know, any of the murders or disappearances. It always seems to be this simple thing: taking advantage of drama. As Scott says, they should have to air a disclaimer like “For Entertainment Purposes Only.”

In view of the shows like this that I’ve heard in the past, and how disappointing they were, the only reason I’m listening is that the mother of the suspected murderer has been a friend since we were both in our mid-twenties. I have heard the story from her point of view, and it is very different from what the mother of the murdered woman tells anyone willing to listen. I hope the journalist will talk with my friend as well. This is only the beginning of episode 1, and it sounds like he will.


And … he didn’t. But the podcast has basically convicted my friend’s son, something the evidence presented at his trial failed to do.


Looking Back
70 Years Ago
Kelvington Radio

November 30, 1951
Kelvington Curling Club have
received a complete set of new
matched rocks. 16 pairs in all, which
should really be appreciated by
the lovers of this pleasant winter’s
Wadena News



2 thoughts on “Things Not as They May Appear

  1. i didn’t think anything was wrong. People write about different things all the time.

    I listened to that podcast once for twice but didn’t really care for it. Jack and I both have a runny nose and a bit of a cough today. My neice and her boyfriend came over for supper which was so nice. She’s such a nice young woman and so is her boyfriend. Such a refreshing changed from all the batshit crazy I have to deal with usually.

    The charges were dropped against Gracie but I don’t know why and I had a good cry about that last night. Hopefully I’ll find out more next week.

    Now I’m off to bed to read about forgiveness and nonforgiveness. Should be an interesting read.

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