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Take Actual Steps to Change

You can’t think yourself into acting different, but you can act your way into thinking different.
-Dax Shepard on the Chelsea Handler podcast, talking about successfully breaking addictive habits

That makes such good sense.

It was one of those wake-up-for-no-obvious-reason nights when I was so glad to have a multitude of options for things to listen to as I lay there.


Looking Back
70 Years Ago
Kelvington Radio
November 30, 1951

LINTLAW: Let it rain, let it
snow, let it blow!! So say Mr. and
Mrs. Attwell Boyle when they are
delivering milk now. They have
bought themselves a nice covered-in
rig and the other day, Attwell could
be heard singing something which
sounded like “Baby it’s Cold Outside.”
Wadena News



2 thoughts on “Take Actual Steps to Change

  1. I think we’ve become a world of information seekers and analyzers, which can feel like change, but we don’t actually start the process until we do something. :)


  2. Catching up with you again. I wish I could daily blog, I just hit a dry spell or don’t want to share you know how it is. Liked your thing about marriage. The two living together forever and then marrying couples I knew (I was witness to both) fell apart within 2 years of the wedding. Weird, right?
    I positively hate weddings and all that hoopla and expense and for what? The happiest weddings I attended were small with no fuss but very meaningful.



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