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Gazanias for the Win

How is this possible?

Gazanias, which only open on my step when the sun starts to hit them mid-morning, continue to bloom profusely after a few hard frosts have decimated the pot of portulaca right beside them.

It makes no sense. They must be some seriously tough flowers. Them, and the onions and beet leaves still going strong out in the vegetable garden.


Back to work this morning. Leaving in 45 minutes. Ready to go. On the outside. On the inside, no.


Joan, I’ll be thinking about you and Ben this week and believing all goes well. It won’t be easy for you and Gary either if he is in any pain during recovery. Such a helpless feeling. May it all be worth it in the end. I wish there was a way to give you comfort through the ordeal.

And congrats to Gary on becoming a Canadian citizen officially.


Looking Back
Kelvington Radio
October 17, 2001

On Thursday, Oct. 11, author
Gail Bowen gave a presentation at
Kelvington Library. She has written
seven books and is at the moment in
the midst of writing her eighth.
Wadena News




And now, what to take for lunch? Slim pickins around here this morning. An apple and some cottage cheese appear to be my only choices. They’ll have to do.


12 thoughts on “Gazanias for the Win

  1. The flowers are beautiful, I love how they hold on in spite of the frost.
    PS already about 12 steps and really, really challenging to post a comment here. I don’t have this problem on other word press accounts?


  2. The cold has finally reached here. I need to get the garden ready for the winter, but the rain has been never ending. Did manage to scoot away the lawn furniture between the showers. I love that some flowers are at their best in the cooler weather. Keep warm.


  3. WWW, I’ve sent a query to WordPress about it but heard nothing back yet. You aren’t the first person to say they’ve had a lot of hurdles to jump before being able to post a comment here.


  4. I hope everything goes well for your nephew. Your sister, I think, is a beautiful artist.

    I love African daises but didn’t plant any this year. I’ve lost all interest in my yard right now but pretty much everything is done. Just dog poop and leaves right now.

    We’re waiting for paperwork from BC before we can go ahead here to apply for guardianship of the little guy. Have I mentioned I’m an impatient cow:)

    Hope your work day went well. I’m off all week thank goodness. My mind is not doing so well. I have images of Keith with the back of his skull blown off. My imagination is way too good at times. I can’t even imagine what Lesley is going through. She found him in the garage; he only went out there for a minute. She heard a noise and thought he had fallen. OMG, what a nightmare.


  5. Pixie: For a tiny village of only about 75 residents, the office is busy on the one day a week I’m there. It always goes well, as long as I have something to do.
    Thanks for complimenting Joan’s work. I’m impressed with her, and proud of her too. She has made a set of three new paintings for our living room wall to replace the set she painted in her earlier days, and I’m looking forward to getting my hot little hands on them.
    You are having a rough couple of weeks. I hope you have a good friend nearby to talk with. At least one thing’s gone right: you’ve got Jack and he’s safe.


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