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Just a Diary

Finally we’ve frozen good and hard. The gardens are kaput. The southern part of the province, and the northern, have had snow this week. Here it’s only been rain.

The porch is so full of vegetables that getting to the hooks where my jackets hang is like picking my way through a minefield.

My daughter-in-law says she’s going to take a lot of it back to Calgary when they leave tomorrow, and that will reduce the obstacle course somewhat.

Meanwhile Scott has been washing and drying freshly dug carrots for days if not weeks. They are to die for. So sweet.

All week I’ve come home to supper on the go; that’s been really nice, as standing in the kitchen at 5 o’clock is never too appealing after a day in the office. I’m feeling quite spoiled. Plus, someone else’s cooking. What a treat. After a good feed, I tackle the dishes and cleanup. It’s the least I could do.

Yesterday I had to go straight from work to Wadena, where I had an appointment for a haircut. But first I managed to fill up my car’s gas tank — $60, perhaps the most it’s ever cost when starting from Empty — and pick up the mail and gather my library books. Just a few stops, but getting in and out of the vehicle numerous times in a short while has always sapped my energy. Why is that? I wonder.

Halfway through the month, and migraine med required only once so far. What is different? I may never be sure. Fingers crossed the good fortune continues for the next two weeks.


Looking Back
October 12, 2011

KELVINGTON: Driving around
the country this week, there are a lot
of fields being fall worked; looks like a
few producers are turning away from
zero till. Albert Mennie used to joke
that the zero-till ball caps that were
abundant years ago should have had
a matchbook next to their logo. The
fires have already started this year.
Wadena News




8 thoughts on “Just a Diary

  1. OIK already 12 steps to post a comment here. Really frustrating……
    Our winter is usually later – many times post holiday season but then so is our spring and such a short growing season.



  2. WWW: I wonder why all the steps! I’ll ask the techies at WordPress about it. That said, it’s nice that you went to the trouble to say hello.
    We’ve had an unusually long and mild fall so I can’t complain. We take what comes, right? Just as in life. Though not always silently, in my case.


  3. My middle daughter used to work at a comedy club in Edmonton and Norm was there headliner one night. He had three sets and got drunker and higher until during the last set he was standing up on stage crying and talking about being sexually abused as a child. Heartbreaking.

    It’s warm here today 19C. I’ll take it. It’s nice to be home.


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