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2 Miles, 2 Dollars

After a miserably cold most-of-the-day spent stuck inside a clean bright office looking at a computer screen for the most part, I found myself yawning and tired on the way home at 4 o’clock. However, I was determined to continue my daily walking streak and double the distance, and in a pleasant twist the sun came out and turned the walk into a pleasure. By the time I got back to the yard, the light was so pretty I didn’t want to go into the house. As long as I wasn’t standing in the shade, it was quite comfortable. Move to the shade, and shivering commenced.


Looking Back
October 8, 1981

KUROKI: The pidpenky
mushrooms are in season and many
are out picking fast and furiously as
they say they are the tastiest of all
Wadena News


And now, it’s off to work after a night of sleep interrupted numerous times (grandchildren stayed over, and even though Scott got up to comfort one or the other in the bedroom at the other end of the hallway, I woke and struggled to fall asleep again), and I’m still tired even though I went to bed around 9 or 9:30.


harvest verbena

The most recent picking of lemon verbena is dried and ready to stuff into the jar.


4 thoughts on “2 Miles, 2 Dollars

  1. What on earth are pidenky mushrooms and what do you do with lemon verbena?
    Inquiring mind needs to know.



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