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Have Pink Shoes, Will Travel

Actually, no. I don’t sit still for long, but any travel bug I ever had is long gone. Did I ever find what I was looking for when I crisscrossed the continent? Nope, because what I craved were roots. I walked on dark streets and could see into the lit windows of people’s homes and those rooms appeared so warm and inviting, and that’s what I wanted.


Looking Back
80 Years Ago
Kelvington Radio
October 10, 1941

At the Legion Meeting, Saturday
night Comrade H. C. Bruyere
entertained the boys with his Motiontalkie
pictures. The snake mongoose
picture was especially interesting tho
it made us feel a bit squirmy.
Wadena News



It took them 3 days to dry, but at least now they aren’t dust-ugly from walking on our gravel road.


Today, after 10 one-mile walks, it’s time to bump up to two miles. Can’t say as I’m looking forward to it but on the plus side, I’ll earn those $200 silk pyjamas (yes, a reward different from the alpaca duvet) sooner.


4 thoughts on “Have Pink Shoes, Will Travel

  1. I’ve always wondered why I don’t desire to travel like so many others. It’s not that I don’t love seeing the wonders of nature or learning about other places or cultures. But I think you hit the nail on the head – when you have no place you can call home, that becomes the lighthouse beacon. Thanks for this post!


  2. Beverly, the beauties of the planet seem endless; you could travel forever and not see everything worth seeing. I don’t have that need or desire right now. Also I have to live within my means. I *could* afford to take trips, but I have other things I’d rather do with my money.


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