Today's Special

3 Things to Be Thankful For

  1. Good Health
  2. Safety of Loved Ones
  3. Space and Solitude to Enjoy Nature

    Nothing too exciting, but without them I am not a happy camper. It would be easy to make it 30 things, but who has time? I’ve enjoyed a slow morning of reading in bed, and then washed a few dishes and chopped vegetables for the last hour to make a zucchini chili to simmer on the stovetop.
    Now maybe I’ll get dressed and even wash my face.

    A noisy wind came up during the night and we are now into cold weather after the loveliest fall. Bundling up for my walk will be essential. It sounds horrid out there, with the wind howling.

    Emil and his dad were out for a couple hours yesterday. Scott came in from his garden and joined us for fresh muffins and coffee (gingerale for Emil). I thought I might go into Everett’s for a while this afternoon, as Gord leaves tomorrow for St. Albert, where he lives and works, and it seems to me a nice thing for our two boys to have both their parents in the same place for a bit. Not sure I’ll get to town now unless I move my butt right away, as we’re not sure what time company is arriving: our eldest from Calgary with his wife and two small girlies, originally expected tomorrow. They’ll be here all week and I’ll be working, but am looking forward to seeing the little ones, especially.


Looking Back
October 12, 1911

MARGO: Mr. S. Morris has
returned, or rather, what’s left of him.
It would require the X-rays to see him.
Typhoid is certainly a flesh reducer.
However, he wishes to inform the
public that he will now be able to look
after Mr. J. Clark’s business.
Wadena News


a morning ritual

A morning ritual


Oh, is it Thanksgiving? Yes, I know. Thanks to all for the Thanksgiving best wishes. Same to you. To me it’s just another day; we don’t make any special meal or plans. But who doesn’t love a paid holiday! Yet another thing to be thankful for. 


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