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How to Make a Day Disappear

Someone is digging potatoes in the garden, gathering cobs of corn, and trying to get the produce in before a serious freeze, which surely comes soon. It’s a perfect day to be out there. Not as smoky, yet, as it has been lately.

I’m doing dishes, taking cat food to the barn, sweeping the floor, storing summer clothing away for winter, finding a pot for one of the volunteer jalapenos we will bring in for the winter, carrying in a heavy green pepper plant we’ll keep alive, finding cardboard boxes in the basement for vegetables, taking the window squeegee downstairs, and making soup that won’t be ready for lunch but will be for supper, or lunch tomorrow. One thing after the other; who knows what more will come up as I follow my nose.

Will my activities be as lauded as the great vegetable harvest? Hell no. They are mostly the invisible work that goes unnoticed, much of which keeps our personal space somewhat clean and organized. However, I feel good about it and so am not out there helping, as perhaps I ought to be. I’m stubborn enough to do what I choose and not what is chosen for me.

I’ve done this all my life. Sometimes I’ve later realized that I was wrong, and have mild regrets. Only mild though, because I thought I was doing what was honest and true and right at the time, and I know that retrospect has a distorting effect as well as a clarifying one.

Has this happened to you?


You can love someone in a pure way. You can hold them in your heart. And nothing has to happen.
-Esther Freud, “Transference,” Reader, I Married Him


How many bags and purses does a person need?

Is that all of them? Hell no.


There is a forest fire north of here, and farmers are also burning stubble all around us:

damn smoke

golden showers

Bird shit on the sign did not wash off in the rain this summer, but strikes me funny. Golden showers … .

leaves left

Things aren’t as golden as they were; there aren’t many leaves left on the trees. 


oct smoky fall

Where I turn around so as not to walk more than a mile in the smoky air. 


Get well soon, Alex!

8 thoughts on “How to Make a Day Disappear

  1. I’ve spent the day baking and cooking. I made the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pies, all to take to Wetaskiwin tomorrow when we see the big guy’s parents. His dad has been doing poorly and it’s nice to be able to make a meal for them. That and my mother inlaw is not a good cook:) But she does have a good appetite and appreciates my cooking.

    We saws photos of Jack today and texted back and forth with the foster parents looking after him. He’s happy and well cared for. I fly out there on Monday and there is a meeting on Tuesday. I’m trying not to think about it with some limited success. He’s safe, that’s what matters. The big guy was crying today which I’ve only seen once before, our wedding day. He’s having a harder time.

    Hopefully we can bring Jack back home this week. No idea what’s going on with Gracie.


  2. Pixie: Surely the court will move quickly to get him out of foster care and into yours. Here’s hoping the wheels turn smoothly. Have a nice Thanksgiving — sounds as if you’ll eat like royalty — for us it’s just another day, nothing special.


  3. The unlauded and unnoticed work of women everywhere. And the applause goes to the BBQ man whose wifie has marinated and sliced and prepped all afternoon.



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