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Men Making Beds

Some of us don’t do things because we’ve been told, while growing up, that we ought to and by crackey, we are going to assert our independence of mind.

Others grow out of that silliness and see the benefit of doing certain things.

I was probably in my forties before it dawned on me that a made bed is more appealing than an unmade one — all day — and that it’s more attractive to me when it’s time to crawl in at night, as well as during the night when the covers lay evenly across my body rather than being bunched up here and there. Whodathunk?

Thanks to for that bit of advice. It’s made a difference to me, Ms I Don’t Have To and You Can’t Make Me.

I must’ve taught my kids to make their beds because Emil, now in his thirties, will always make his. It takes him three times as long as it takes most people, and it’s not a perfect job, but he gets at it. This is what I see when he stays here:

boy who makes his bed

I walk past this room many times a day and it irritates me. I wait till he’s not going to notice, and then I go in and straighten it up. 

Scott, on the other hand, after some 20 years of living together, has begun to make the bed — his side if I happen to still be in it, or the whole thing if I’m not and haven’t already done it. I don’t know what happened! Something must’ve rubbed off from somewhere. Whatever worked, I love it. Here he’s done his part while I was still propped up, reading:

boyman who makes his bed

People can and do change. Maybe not in every way, but I don’t believe that they don’t. We can still learn, and create new and better habits. 

Just seeing him make the bed as if he’s not even thinking about it, after all these years, reminds me that there is always hope. 


4 thoughts on “Men Making Beds

  1. My mother always made my bed, but when I went to uni, I did it because it was the right thing to do. I don’t make it here because Sue sleeps later (and earlier too). However, if I do end up in the guest bed or in my chair, I take care of it. We sometimes have an older visitor who doesn’t, and it bothers me, which I guess is the wrong way to put it. It just doesn’t seem right.


  2. AC, I guess we were all raised differently from each other but we also learn new things. I don’t recall ever having to remove our shoes when we came into the house but now I do it since I became the only one to sweep or vacuum. I remember a conversation with Mom about being the only housekeeper and how I didn’t think that was right. One of her responses was that Dad never, ever left a trail behind him that someone else had to pick up, and she admired and appreciated that. And so do I, no matter who is in our home.


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