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The Roving

I brought Dad’s barometer home with me to see if I could connect barometric pressure to my migraines.

The needle hasn’t moved one iota in the two weeks since I hung the thing on the bedroom wall. Till this morning … just the tiniest sliver of change.

Upon seeing a Twitter acquaintance successfully try WeatherX earplugs, which are meant to slow down the effect that barometric changes have on your head, I have got my hands on two sets (one for Scott, one for me) and have been using them “proactively” as suggested by the app that alerts one to change in pressure. There hasn’t been enough to make a difference, but we shall soldier on.

I read that turmeric with black pepper may help balance estrogen and increase circulation. My migraines might be brought on by postmenopausal hormones, and I sit on the couch next to Scott — he’s nearly naked and sweating, while I’m fully dressed and blanket-covered. My toes are cold right now, even with shoes on as I sit here. So this supplement is worth a try. I started taking it this week.

If there’s a decrease in the frequency with which I have to take prescription drugs to avoid full-blown migraine, I won’t know which method helped. At least not right away. Of course I’d investigate. Meanwhile, one can only hope.


Possessions can possess
you. Even a lawn can
possess you. It makes
you buy a garden
hose. Which makes
you water. Which cuts
into time you might be
happier spending some
other way.
-By Patricia Hanbidge, Wadena News



4 thoughts on “The Roving

  1. I used to get migraines but they stopped when I stopped using birth control pills thankfully. I hope the earplugs and the tumeric help. I spent my whole feeling cold and now post menopause, I’m often too hot and sweaty. We just had a huge rainstorm with hail. Hope you get some too.


  2. AC, my sister Karen is like that too. On our trip we slept in separate beds because she’d have the window open all night and sleep on top of the covers, while I’d be buried beneath them.


  3. Deb, we got big hot wind from the south but no rain or hail at my yard. Supposed to get up to the high 80sF this afternoon so I’m in a dress to stay as cool as possible and not looking forward to the Margo office, where the air conditioning isn’t yet hooked up. I watered my flowerbeds yesterday, first time this year. Usually that brings on the rain! But not by this morning, Tuesday.


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