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mainstreet wadena

Entering mainstreet Wadena from the south at dusk. I’d begun walking from Emil’s house to Everett’s. 

Telling Deb about Mom and Aunt Reta (in a comment a few days ago) got me wondering if I’d posted a picture of Mom when she heard Reta at the door. I did a search of my earlier blog and clicked on this link (entry includes Everett at 12, when he was still adorable without even trying):

Man that old blog is a pain to navigate. I read this entry

And there are no forward and back links anymore, darn it!

But it’s still leading me down the rabbit hole; here’s a photo with Joan and Karen in it … At Mom’s First Funeral

I found it! The picture showing Mom getting up from her chair when Reta Arrives.

After reading the entry at the top link, I had a little cry. It taught me something. The grief this morning was not about Mom being gone. It was about her suffering before she went.

After hearing about her diagnosis, I had serious crying jags and nights of tossing and turning, unable to sleep. I’d wake up from a mere doze and be half-dreaming that Mom was in pain and I was helpless to make it stop. Hives broke out on my forearms and welts struck my eyes. I should find the picture of *that* – oh my gawd. Now when I cry, I keep the salty tears wiped away.


Even when the ingredients of a recipe don’t entice me to try it, I always read Mr.  Lincez’s kitchen tips at the end of “Harvest Fare,” the best newspaper cooking column I know:

Kitchen Tips: Properly prepared, garlic is nothing to be afraid of but a couple of things
to remember are that garlic tends to burn fast – making it bitter. If you’re
sautéing an onion and a diced pepper, for instance, add the garlic halfway
through. In most cases minced is best. You want the garlic flavour without
biting into a chunk of it during dinner. If you are using whole garlic buds
to flavour a stock or cook a roast, give them a good smash to get things going.
There are a couple enzymes within a whole clove that usually stay
happily away from one another. A simple smash forces the two to mingle.

Wadena News

7 thoughts on “Narcissistic Linky Love

  1. Some of the links are iffy but I enjoyed the new teen boy pic and your dear mother, brought tears, my darling mum died so young too and I miss her every day. And to see and remember the suffering for me is unbearable.
    I love the recipe guy.



  2. Both my parents died in February, but thirteen years apart. I still miss mum and wish I had another chance to talk to my dad. And yes, cancer sucks. So does suffering.


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