I’ve Got Good Sisters


One of my most-often-worn pendants.  The little stopper comes out so one can put essential oil in it for aromatherapy purposes. If you know the meaning of the symbol, please tell me.

The other day I was thinking about how much I like my sisters.

We don’t get together all that often — but then again it’s not like we have to. It’s not as if time or distance estranges us.

They’re two of my favourite people. They’re sweet-natured and kindhearted. I can’t think of one time when as adults we exchanged a harsh word or a mean-spirited judgment of one another. It’s almost as if we each find the others above reproach. Talk about having someone’s back! They’re both easy to be with and easy to talk to.

That’s not to say those two don’t run themselves ragged or that I don’t run myself ragged enough. We’re all different, but the same too (I remember Karen’s daughter Danielle as a teen saying something along the lines of it being like having three of her mom in the house because Joan and I hum and noodle too).

I’d trust either of them with my life. How lucky am I to feel that way about my sisters!

Last night I was remembering the day, trying to choose which event had been the best part of it. Hands-down it was when Karen parked in front of the post office to get their mail so I got to see her for a few minutes in her bright red jacket, which I covet. (I can safely say that because it wouldn’t fit me; if it did and she read this, she’d probably insist on giving it to me. Both sisters are like that; we call it GrandpaBensonitis, as our granddad would hardly let you leave their house without giving you something.)

Hail to the sisterhood, I say.

10 thoughts on “I’ve Got Good Sisters

  1. You are so lucky to have such wonderful sisters. My sisters aren’t like yours. Mine are twins, one has a brain injury and the other one is just plain mean. She’s a christian who hates anyone who doesn’t go to her church kind of christian. They’re also sixteen years older than me. I wish I had sisters like yours.


  2. How lucky you are to have such wonderful sisters and I know you are wonderful yourself because you recognise this. My sister, very much younger, lives in Ireland so it is emails now, it used to be visits – me one way to Ireland, never her coming to see me which is painful.



  3. How wonderful you have such a great relationship with your sisters. Wish mine could be like yours. Enjoy the sisterhood.


  4. Wisewebwoman, I visit one of my sisters quite a bit more often than she visits me, but she’s also always busy doing something constructive whereas I seem to have more unplanned time. Plus she lives near our home town, where I always like to go anyway. Going to Kelowna, BC, to visit our other sister and Dad is more of a challenge, both costwise and timewise, and they’ve been the ones coming out here for the past couple years instead of the other way around. I think it all balances out in the end, somehow or other. At this point we all do what we can, and sometimes we just can’t. I have at times attempted to build-in actual planned texts and phone calls so that I don’t forget and end up going a long time between communications.


  5. Deb, I’m sorry to hear that. I do know how lucky I am. I’m nine years older than the youngest, Joan, and had virtually moved away from home by the time she was six, so to me it seems almost a miracle that we even know each other as well as we do. Karen married a local farmer and lived near the home town while Joan was a teen, and Joan spent lots of time at Karen’s; they’re very close. Mom and her only sister Reta were tight, too, even though Reta married an American navy man and they raised their family in the U.S. When Mom was dying from kidney cancer (FUCK cancer), Reta (a retired nurse) came up to Kelowna to be with her and help look after her in her last days. I will always remember Mom, in her small black leather recliner, waiting in anticipation for Reta to arrive from the airport. Her face lit up when she heard the door opening. It gives me both joy and sorrow to think of it right now.


  6. I love my sisters, too. I have 4 of them, but I’m closest to the one who is just 18 months oder than me. And also, to my baby sister who is 19 years younger – she and I see the world in much the same way.


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