As Far as the Eye Could See

Give me a view of distant horizons and I am one contented cow. This was seen through the living room windows at Margo for the past three weeks. Across the highway and over the railway tracks and beyond to Margo Lake and Stony Lake in the far distance.

In comparison, the view from the living room window back here at Golden Grain Farm isn’t much to look at. There’s a barn and a tractor shed — I like those – and there’s my perennial flower bed visible from the kitchen window in summer. But landscape with any horizon is blocked by either scrubby trees or old buildings.

Our yard’s one redeeming feature (if you don’t count the warm and dry house, for which we’re grateful, and the quonset and outbuildings for all Scott’s stuff) is the dugout and slough at the edge of the back yard. Not to look at — all you see is cat-tails — but as habitat for waterfowl. Last summer the water was so low that the usual waterfowl didn’t hatch and raise their young here. No coots splashing, or soras whistling, or ducks calling their young to the nest at nightfall. We had red-winged blackbirds so summer wasn’t a complete disappointment. Happily there were plenty of robins, goldfinches, and woodpeckers in the trees. The ruffed grouse live here year-round. Magpies check in for all seasons and crows fly through in the warm months. Ravens flap past in winter, and hawks, cranes, eagles, swans, vultures and herons wing over during spring, summer and fall.

Scott dreams of filling in the dugout. He’s never liked it so close to the yard, and because of its depth and steep sides it’s a safety hazard should children get out of your sight and go exploring. Now that we have grandchildren who will visit, maybe he’ll make his wish come true.

4 thoughts on “As Far as the Eye Could See

  1. I love the largeness of your photos, just beautiful. I remember Saskatchewan and Manitoba like that. Large skies and vistas. We have large oceans, vast and endless. I like my tiny anchor in it.



  2. The dugout, even though it’s a danger to children, is such a wonderful place for the birds.

    I grew up in Alberta and like to see for a long way too. I love the mountains but you’re right, they can be a little claustrophobic.


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