from the deck

From this house I can see over the highway and past the railroad track to two farmers’ fields and two lakes and beyond. 

In a dream I was making my way through a long underground tunnel whose walls were a bright clay-orange and looked like swaths of thick fabric. I needed to get to where there were some openings near the top that I could climb through to get out, but when I got there I saw that the openings were too small and it would be a struggle to get through them, if I could at all. I began to feel trapped and claustrophobic, and just as I began to panic I woke up and thought with relief, “How f’n lucky am I, to wake up when my dreams become nightmares.”

Seriously, I felt grateful.

Speaking of gratitude, these words of Jann Arden’s stuck with me the other day:

Being grateful for pain lessens the hurt. Being grateful for loss may not make any sense, but it’s a way of allowing your heart and mind to let things go instead of dragging them with you.

I always try to remember any suggestion that might help me let things go.

Hello ... is there anybody out there ...

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