My Electric Head

margo 8 24 am

Margo at 8:24 a.m.

Graphic verbal insults and threats amuse me. I knew there was a Melissa McCarthy movie where her character excelled at this so I watched The Heat, where she co-stars with Sandra Bullock. It was okay but didn’t ring true as the vaguely recalled one.

Last night I watched Spy.
Yep, that was the one.

Scott also can come up with hilarious insults and I loved it when he got a scammer on the phone and dragged out the conversation till the caller figured out he was being scammed, himself.

I wish I had this talent.


I was up at 6:20 to let the dog out. I knew I had to get up because the neck thing was going to get worse if I lay there longer, but that didn’t stop me from shutting off my 6 o’clock alarm and trying to go back to sleep. When the neck thing makes its appearance first thing in the morning, staying in bed only makes it worse and I should know better, and I do, but my instinct is to escape the discomfort by slipping back into dreamland. My sincere thanks to the fuzzy Scruffiluffigus whose barking and whining got me to descend from upstairs and get on with the day.

I’ve now taken three 200g ibuprofen gel capsules and mean to go to the office for a few hours if they work.


Tinnitus Sound 2: 7500 Hz Tone

This is the one most like what I hear when I pay attention. Mine isn’t very loud, thank god, so most of the time I don’t notice it.

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