Asking for Your Experience

morning coffee 8:30. There’s time for a second cup of coffee before sliding the car out of the garage and driving to work; probably less than five minutes to get there. Love it. Although I don’t mind the usual 25-minute drive either, really. It’s just that I can go out the door a little later here, and can come back for lunch too. Handy.

Can anyone recommend fingernail-strengthening products that aren’t full of toxic chemicals? I’ve looked online and there are some expensive brands that make claims. I’m willing to try their polishes and so on, but am asking for personal experiences. I tried taking silica — a whole bottle till it was gone — and it made no difference. I tried that herbal product a couple years ago that claimed my nails would improve; they didn’t.

Nail polishes do seem to keep my nails from splitting, but I don’t want to poison myself with the usual commercial fare. For the past few years my nails have been short because they tear. They’ve always been this way, but seem worse now. Anyway: suggestions?

Don’t tell me to drink more milk or eat more cheese and yogurt. I used to consume cheese on the regular till a year ago, but my fingernails have been disappointing me for several years now.

Anyone? Bueller???

13 thoughts on “Asking for Your Experience

  1. I have the same issue and have not resolved it. I will be keen to read further comments on this. I’ve rarely worn toxic chemicals on any part of my body including hair so this has to be diet, I would think. Doc said yesterday that nails and skin really dry out in the winter time (true dat) and we need to lash on the chemical free moisturizer, just check the ingredients.



  2. Could it just be hereditary? My nails are the same…. and IMO, all of those claims of miracle working products…. well, if they seem to good to be true, they probably are. Good luck!

    Miss Cynic:)


  3. WiseWebWoman, I’ve been lotioning up after each handwashing but maybe I have to use a different kind of lotion. I have a supplier who makes all those things (see UffDa Soaps in the sidebar) but I haven’t purchased one for my hands. Will do!


  4. Sadly, as we age, we tend to dry out which includes skin, tendons, joints, hair, fingernails, etc…

    I have no help for you. I’ve always had strong nails but I’ve noticed in the last few years that they have tons of ridges on them, a normal part of aging. Sigh. Apparently we are like old fruit, we just dry out as we age. Something more to look forward to:)


  5. Deb, ha! Yes. I did have someone say I only look 45 the other day (I’ll be 61 next week) and when I talked to Dad this morning, he said people often tell him he doesn’t look 81. “They’re just looking from the neck down,” he said. Hee! So true. He’s very fit and I’m not in too bad shape either, but there’s no looking 45 from the neck up, that’s for sure! Clothes camouflage a lot.


  6. I had to take nails to get my cosmo license in Washington, so can tell you it takes 4 months for the nail to grow from the matrix at the bottom of the nail, to the free edge, so you won’t see any results from doing something for a month. 2nd, all our keratin parts, nails, hair, skin, become thinner and more fragile as we age. Medicines we take can play a huge part, and people our age love our supplements, often to the detriment of our overall health. Common sense, healthy habits, fresh air… keep moving :) Sharyn


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