Quick Dick

My new friend Vee, who works next door at the post office a couple times a week, recommended the following video that I share here because Quick Dick mentions Margo and shows some of the landscape in the vicinity.

Coincidentally, Vee recommended this video just a day or two after Ralph, a blogger south of here, posted one of Quick Dick’s “rants” on his webpage. I left what I hoped was a diplomatic comment after that one, and Ralph replied to it in his usual diplomatic way.

And now I must get ready to hustle off to the office. It’s the day when the door to the public is locked so that work can be done without interruptions, when I wear blue jeans, and when my “hours” are not firm because the taxpayers of the village don’t expect me to be there. In other words, I could go in late and leave early if I wished, or I could work from home for some tasks. However, if someone knocks on the door I open it, and the phone rings, so there are interruptions anyway and I don’t mind. Scott asked me this morning (on the phone) if I was getting “caught up” at work and I said it doesn’t feel like I ever will. “It’s hard to explain,” I said. “While you’re working on the pile of papers, there are more requests coming in all the time. All I can do is keep at it; I can only do what I can do.”

He’s not kidding when he describes the way we give directions around here. It’s all about landmarks and if you don’t know your east from your west, you’re screwed.


Alex, from across the pond I’m sending you courage as you navigate through these days. xoxox

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