Mythic 8 of Cups

eight-of-cups1 mythic

“Thy cup overfloweth” not all it was cracked up to be?
Leaving a situation or condition behind can be part of healthy change and growth. You don’t have to hang onto everything forever and you don’t have to stay in one place forever.  Know when to let go — and when to let yourself go.

Wednesdays are the day when I go into the office and lock the door to the public so work can be done without interruptions.

That doesn’t mean the phone doesn’t ring or that people don’t bang on the door anyway when they see my car parked outside.

In looking at some Mead daytimers this morning (thanks for the tip, Mary), one thing came clear: I need a work planner to which pages can be added for any given day. Yesterday I filled at least three pages (and these are full notebook-size pages, 8×11 inches) of my fancy binder at work, noting not only priorities but phone calls in and out, people in and their business or concerns, tasks done or not yet done, questions requiring answers, and more. This on top of the usual things like typing up vouchers for accounts payable and for receipts, and taking payments and recording them.

One might suggest that it’s time-consuming to keep these notes, but I find without them important details are easily forgotten when one is interrupted or gets distracted. The daytimer is the best way I’ve found to keep track of what’s filled the day — especially when the end of it comes and from the outside it looks like you haven’t done anything.

Yesterday I spent eight hours in the office — I never take coffee breaks but did go out over the lunch hour — and still did not even touch one big job that should’ve been done three weeks ago.

I keep joking that the villagers will soon arrive with torches and pitchforks. One thing for sure is that in this kind of work, you can’t please everyone all the time. Fortunately at least most people I have to deal with are polite and kind, at least to my face. No one has managed to get my dander up too high yet.

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