Muttski Comes Home



$11.99 bouquet of delight

Somebody was missing the wee doggie, so I motored (as they said in all the old newspapers around here) over to Karen’s and picked him up. 

“If you want to come home with me,” I said to him, “go get in your kennel.” Which he promptly did. That dog has a large vocabulary. There was no pointing, no special tone of voice, nothing.

Her daughter is home from BC for a week or so and was busy upstairs, grooming dogs, for the first half-hour I was there. She’d brought her own dog along and when she joined her mother and me in the living room, Andi made herself right at home.


Danielle and Andi 2019

Andi, the big galoot, has been having some gas problems. Danielle’s been holding her nose all day.

Duckie April 2019 age 14

Duckie, age 14, seemed happy to get home and inspect his domain.











Beth: My goodness woman you look like a child in that photo.
My Hello Kitty pyjama bottoms fool everyone.

wisewebwoman: Lovely photos but those wood ticks are a worry indeed. Horrible things. You look so tiny, you hardly take up any space.
When I worked with my sister and her business partner at the funeral lunch last week, they called me the “tall” one and asked me to reach things down from the top shelf! I’m 5’4″ — short enough to curl up on a couch and appear small. I’ll be measured again at my annual checkup because this is three-quarters of an inch less than what I’ve always been and maybe the doctor’s office misread my height last spring. I just turned 60; I shouldn’t be getting shorter already, should I?

deb: It’s so nice to see your face. I’ve been doing a lot of that as well, holding my grandbaby. It’s a lovely feeling.
Being 9 or 10 hours away, we rely on videocalls between visits.

Teresa Bahlis: Congratulations on the latest addition to your family.
It sounds like they’re determined to get a boy by going for number three. We’ll see!

Lorna Cunningham-Rushton: Just reading this made me begin scratching head to toe. Luckily, I have some lemongrass lotion too. And I should never have put that before saying how lovely that baby looks. All our local kids are older than 6. Not much snuggling going on.
I just said to Scott that hmmm … we haven’t received any pictures for a few days … I bet Little Rose is changing fast. They have pretty much non-stop company lined up there for a while, so we will wait patiently in the knowledge that we will receive a photo update when her parents have a chance to breathe.
Here’s one taken when we were there. Little Eva, like most small children, likes to try on other people’s shoes. Here she’s wearing a pair of my Blundstones as she clicks some straps together on her stroller. She absolutely must join all fasteners everywhere:


My shoes get dusty on our gravel road, but should still look better than this after one trip through a cold-water wash.



2 thoughts on “Muttski Comes Home

  1. Isn’t it amazing how kids always want to wear too-big shoes?
    As an adult, I followed my mother about wearing shoes that were too small; neither of us had large feet, but we always (until we hit 60 or so) wore shoes a size down from what we ought to wear.


  2. Ah wee Duckie clever with languages and companion expectations!
    Nice flowers, I treat myself periodically. They transform everything.


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