Credit Where It’s Due

kali and her baby

Her mom and dad had us take this new doll and car-seat carrier to the hospital when bringing the baby home. Little Eva was thrilled to have her own baby to carry out.

Sometimes when it’s time to get off my ass and start moving, I delay by poking around on my directory page, reading blogs. Sometimes I look into the archive there to see what I was doing on this date years ago.

Comparing today to an entry in April 2009, I see that nothing has changed at the end of the driveway.

However, Scott has pretty much transformed the main floor of the house. He has removed closets and walls, installed new and larger windows as well as exterior doors, fixed ceilings and repainted every surface but the floor, removed all the carpet and put in new flooring throughout, and taken out the old kitchen cupboards and put in new. He also put in a new furnace and an air exchanger.


I’ve probably forgotten a few things.


That’s just the main floor; he also had to remove the concrete back step and build a new one with a small landing (the “deck” I take my coffee to on summer mornings), and jack up and repair the spacious porch that was an addition to the main structure. In the basement he’s fixed the concrete floor, taken out an old bedroom, built new stairs and added a water softener. Outside he’s put in a septic tank and a new well, had the lagoon filled in, reshingled our house and the Quonset, reinsulated the house and hired a machine to dig down all around the basement wall to add weeping tile, and had a power line buried and an electrician out to do some rewiring indoors.


He’s also paid for all this. Goodness, I really must show more appreciation. As he likes to remind me periodically. Hee!
leila harper rose

Little Rose all ready to go home.

Occasionally I get impatient because the siding hasn’t been put on yet though it has been chosen, purchased and stacked in one of the outbuildings for the last five years, waiting … and that as often as we say we’re going to get at the basement and at least haul out all the old musty shit (extreme moisture and sewer-and-water backup were frequent features of our first years here; Scott has made great strides in improving that situation as well), we never quite do.


Really I should be giving him a big sloppy thank you kiss every day for all the efforts he’s made already to make this house bright and comfortable. As my friend Cathy once said when we talked about Scott’s carpentering and general fix-it skills: “You don’t know how lucky you are, Kathy.”


Once in a while I do need to think straight. It’s all too easy to wish for more when you’ve already got a lot. Our house is small and basic but it’s now warm and dry and bright and it’s all thanks to him.

I wonder what the former owner would think if she ever stopped in. I often dream that I’m in a house I used to live in and am fascinated by all the ways it’s been renovated and changed. Also I’m usually worried about being caught inside the home, as the new owners never know I’m there.




wisewebwoman: You had the look of a thinker then and still do. No fool you, but then cunning can be “canny” i.e. knowing. Congrats on the new arrival, nothing like a baby to cuddle. I’m glad all went well.


They’re having no fun recovering from a caesarean or establishing breastfeeding, but at least the hospital part passed without serious complications and they are back home in their own environment to settle into the “more than double the trouble” life of two kids instead of one.

ernie shenanigan: 
Congrats! Sisters . . . so fun! Glad your drive was uneventful. Hoping for the same here. Just started driving to North Carolina from Chicago for my 11 yr old daughter’s World Championship Irish Dancing competition. 12 hour drive. I made my husband come. This is usimually my scene. I xannot drive that far as a solo driver. Hoping the other kids behave while we are gone.


What is it about those long drives that leaves one so exhausted at the end of the day, and again the next? We drove home Wednesday and not only did I have to drag my sorry ass early to bed, but I was good for nothing all the next day!– and thankful there was nothing on the agenda, because yesterday I helped prepare, serve, and clean up after a funeral lunch built for 250 people and we pounded our feet on a hard commercial floor for more than five hours. I like to be on the move like that but my back began complaining after the first two hours and my tootsies were aching even before we finished up. I might not’ve been adequately peppy without Thursday to lie about and “recuperate.” Jeez, you’d think I’d been ill … .

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves at the competition and your daughter had a good time.  Irish dancing always looks like fun.

And welcome, ‘Ernie.’ I haven’t seen you here before!

deb: Congratulations!


Thanks, Deb, and backatcha for your newborn grandson. I saw the photo of the two of you and wished I could ever look that good in a picture.
Last summer I bought a cute black picture frame at a garage sale. It said “The Girls” in sparkling letters and would be just right if there was a sister for Little Eva. Pregnant at the time, Mel expected a boy so I started thinking of who to pass on the frame to. She suggested it would still be usable for a photo of LE with her and me, though. (So obvious — why didn’t I think of it?)

4 thoughts on “Credit Where It’s Due

  1. I’m in awe of everything you and. Scott have done to improve your place. Dave and I have been in this place for ten years and count ourselves genii to have painted the front hall and by ourselves I mean we paid the guy who actually did it


  2. Your granddaughters are both beautiful. The little one looks like she is in a milk coma.

    You’re lucky to have a handy husband.


  3. My gawd, they’re both gorgeous, lucky you and loads of fun ahead. And often the work bubbling underneath us is never noted. You are lucky indeed, sounds like so much work was done :)



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