Baby Picture Delayed


We got a surprise! Our daughter-in-law was convinced she was having a boy … but nope! Little Eva got a sister … a living doll. She was pretty excited about the wrapped wee bundle, hugging and kissing (and poking) the tiny face. She sat on her dad’s knee while he helped her “hold” the baby, and when Gunnar handed Baby to me, Little Eva wailed! I gave her back right promptly.

Of course it wasn’t long till Little Eva was off and running, checking out the hospital room, so I got my turn. I also had a good long hold the night before we left Calgary, when I didn’t put her down for several hours. If there is anything nicer than a newborn sleeping in your arms, tell me … what is it?

There isn’t anything.

We arrived home last night so I’m not completely unpacked and haven’t found the cord to transfer phone photos to the laptop, otherwise I’d post a proper “new baby” picture! In the meantime you’re stuck with this Throwback Thursday thing and what I have put on Instagram (see sidebar).

The headshots above: me in Grade One and a couple years ago. Do I not have just about the exact same look on my face? I remember a beau saying, when I was in my late teens or early twenties, that I appeared “cunning.” I didn’t appreciate that characterization, as it has shades of weaseliness. I gave him the benefit of the doubt because English was his second language; maybe he didn’t mean it in quite the way it sounded. I hope I don’t always look as if I’m plotting something.

In a photo of Emil at about age five, he had that SAME little “troublemaker” look: “Hm, wonder what I can get away with today?”


 Teresa Bahlis: I know!!!! Still plenty of snow here in Montreal. Slowest melt ever, good for those who live on the river and less risk of flooding. Freezing rain with snow on the way for today. OMG make it stop!

We got out of here just in time last Saturday to avoid terrible roads — snow and ice. We hit snow and rain on the first half of our drive but had no road problems, and coming back yesterday was a dream. Long — 10 hours — but good highway.

Lorna Cunningham-Rushton: So sweet

Is she ever. And busy. Busy, busy, busy.

wisewebwoman: She is so adorable! Can’t wait for your news! A very fine line and seriously if the butt isn’t enjoying it, stop.

That’s what I say: if the person you’re teasing isn’t laughing, why are you doing it? I say something similar to those who don’t respect the sensibilities of people who are bothered by certain political incorrectnesses. We aren’t always able to imagine ourselves in someone else’s shoes, naturally. But if those wearing the shoes say we’re saying things that are offensive to them, would it kill us to take them seriously and stop — without bitching because ooh, we didn’t mean anything by it?




3 thoughts on “Baby Picture Delayed

  1. You had the look of a thinker then and still do. No fool you, but then cunning can be
    “canny” i.e. knowing. Congrats on the new arrival, nothing like a baby to cuddle. I’m glad all went well.



  2. Congrats! Sisters . . . so fun! Glad your drive was uneventful. Hoping for the same here. Just started driving to North Carolina from Chicago for my 11 yr old daughter’s World Championship Irish Dancing competition. 12 hour drive. I made my husband come. This is usimually my scene. I xannot drive that far as a solo driver. Hoping the other kids behave while we are gone.


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