A Winter Walk with Kate

I was making my way back from the barn when the row of elm trees looked so enticing I almost went trudging into the deep snow …

under the elms

… but that would be detrimental to my health. Wading through deep snow makes breathing heavy, did you know that? In no time at all, I’d be exhausted. So instead I returned the empty ice-cream pail (cat-food carrier) to the house and headed toward the road.

driveway beckons

You guys must get sick of seeing our driveway.

We’ve had this super-cold weather lately, so I was surprised to find upon reaching the road that it didn’t seem so horrible out there and I wanted to keep going. I hadn’t been for a walk lately as the last two weeks were at a house next to a highway, where I had no inclination to venture; all I’d done was ramble around the large yard, but that’s just not the same.

along the road

It was beautiful out there, with the sky so blue and the glittery snow and the blue shadows and the distance, distance, distance! and again I thanked my lucky stars that I live where I do. No traffic. No houses. Just me and the road and the hope of seeing a moose or coyote or deer or rabbit up close (but not too close, in the case of that first one). The wind has created vast fields of hard, sculptured waves.

windswept field

Having done little walking in recent weeks, and reminding myself that in spite of my comfort it was probably still 25-below, I turned toward home after less than half a mile. Here’s our little pad tucked into the trees:

our pad

Seen from the south

On the south side of our driveway is this solid bush that I’m always powerfully drawn to. The bush on the north side has been hollowed out by flooding, but the south side still has a magical influence on me:

magic forest

I always stop and stand there, feeling its pull. It must be full of fairies.

And finally, the woodshed:


This side of it is south-facing so in spite of the deep freeze we’re in, the sun makes itself felt, creating a lace trim:

woodshed closeup

And that, my fine-feathered friends, brings us to the end of our stroll. There was nowhere else to go but the porch …


… where I was met by a wall of heat and an excited deerhead chihuahua.


I was ambitious after that, but didn’t get farther than making a double batch of lentil-herb soup that we’ll be eating for a week. Here’s the recipe, very simple: http://stubblejumperscafe.blogspot.com/2014/08/lentil-herb-soup.html



wisewebwoman: You truly have inspired me to write about a dream I had last night.

I’ll be happy to read that!

lily cedar: Blogging reminds me a lot of pen pals I had as a kid. A chance to get to know other people that you would never normally meet.

I had penpals too, found through the youth pages of a newspaper, The Western Producer,  to which I contributed (god knows what) under the pseudonym Fudgehound. I was an avid chocolate-lover and fudge-maker from the age of nine.


5 thoughts on “A Winter Walk with Kate

  1. Those were beautiful pictures of an entirely different tough winter from ours. It’s been hard here because of the up and downness of the temperature, and because we’ve had snow, melted snow, rain over both and as a result, with the temperature now down around minus 20, we have ice everywhere there isn’t hardy slush. We had our grandkids overnight and they were out first thing this morning, zooming their sleds down every scary or slightly unexciting slide. The wind was high, but it often is here even when it’s calmer around us, for which they were grateful, as they had really great rides in the front of the building. I got to stand in the window with my coffee pretending I wasn’t afraid of a nasty outcome. Yesterday, the wind was so high that when I went out on the drive to meet the kids, it took me 3 bent-forward pushy steps to make one step forward. They were highly amused.


  2. Thanks for the wonderful walk. I would seriously consider putting that first one on canvas it has an incredible quality.



  3. Great pictures. I haven’t been able to get out for a walk in weeks. Just too icy. https://globalnews.ca/video/4946183/dollard-des-ormeaux-residents-want-icy-streets-cleared . I haven’t seen a city truck or any other contractor out cleaning the roads. To top it off another storm is heading our way starting Tuesday with 30+cm. My neighbour texted this morning telling me her water has frozen. Second one in two weeks. The city redid our road a couple of years ago now each winter frozen pipes are a worry. Which we have to fix at our expense. I am so over winter.Hurry up spring.


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