Meet Captain Awkward

bowlsIt’s a take-it-easy weekend for me. It started yesterday, when normally I’d work for three hours at the computer. But it felt like the weekend already, so I gave myself a break. I decided to work just one hour in front of this screen, and then one on each of today and tomorrow. An hour flies by so fast it’s not like work.

Emil needs a ride over to Everett’s after the latter gets off work this afternoon, so I’ll go to town and be chauffeur. Monday’s a holiday here for Remembrance Day, and Emil will need to be driven back to his place that afternoon. The store won’t be open though so I’ll pick up a few things today. Maybe. Our fridge certainly isn’t empty.

***** **** *** ** * ** *** **** *****

Lorna, I don’t like rotting vegetables sitting around the kitchen or in the porch because when the container is not frequently enough emptied, guess who gets to wash out the mouldering thing?

Scott brought home a barrell-composter a couple years ago and has yet to set it up behind the house, but when he does I’ll be happy to transfer our veggie parings to it once a day. Day-old containers are no big deal to clean; it’s when they’re left longer that my nose crinkles and my lips say “Ewwww!”

Meanwhile he collects his banana peels and egg shells and I immediately throw mine in the trash and will do till we organize a proper composting system. Does this make me stubborn and have-to-have-my-own-way? Some would say so. I prefer to think of it as making my own choices, uncompromising though they be.

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Birdie, I could leave this at your blog as a comment (I don’t see an email address for you there) or share it here because maybe this link will be of interest to others. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Your predicament came to mind when I saw this on

“Someone invited themselves to my house. How do I say no?”

“Oh, that won’t work for me. Let’s do _____ instead.” 

The ______ can be a lot of things. “I’ll let you know when it’s a good time.” “I’d rather meet you out somewhere.” “Oh, no thank you, I’m not interested.” 



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