Not As They Appear


The “slough” at the back end of the yard, behind the house, is actually a flooded dugout that Scott curses and would like to fill in. I object; I take from it much of my pleasure in living here because it’s where so many ducks, coots, sora and red-winged blackbirds hang out in the spring and summer to raise their young. For me it’s the main attraction of this place … a mecca for nesting birds.

Just as in the “larger” life, there are things in the smaller life that aren’t what they seem.

For instance, foodstuffs that sound and appear unappetizing but are actually delicious once you taste them:

  1. pumpkin pie
  2. ice cream floats
  3. carrot cake
  4. banana splits

Do you have anything to add to this list?

I don’t believe what I see or what I’m told. Instead, I:

-ignore a dentist who advises having my upper (I never had lower) wisdom teeth pulled because they are too tightly wedged into my small jaw and will push my front teeth out of whack. I think, Pfft! Who cares? They aren’t bothering me. Well 30 years later I care. Sorta. Not they’re they’re “bothering” me but my vanity, such as it is, could do without the wreckage. Shoulda listened. Would it have killed me?

-make dill pickles and think the recipe calls for too much sugar, so cut the amount in half and am never able to eat the pickles because they’re too sour; they’re all thrown out eventually.  Shoulda followed the recipe. Would it have killed me?

Come to today. People have been doing this for decades: throwing their vegetable scraps onto their gardens, or in a big heap they call their “compost pile.” But tell me, how is this not encouraging rodents? (Fine we have nine barn cats so this could be considered bait and free cat food; that’s one way of looking at it.) I can see composting and then adding the eventual result to your soil, but not feeding mice and rats with those delicious decomposing vegetable parings. So until our compost bin is set up, I throw vegetable scraps into the garbage, which will go to the landfill. If you’re going to feed vermin, it makes more sense to me to feed them there, out in the boonies, instead of our own back yard.

Maybe I need to do some research to see if I’m way off base, because no one else seems to see it the way I do. But will I do that research? Time will tell. In the meantime I’ll continue to do things in ways that fit my own notions … whether they are backed up by facts or not … why, just like a lot of voters whose heads are stuck up their asses!

And mine could be too. How would I know?



One thought on “Not As They Appear

  1. I have a kitchen composter and I can’t tell you how much I despise it. I know it’s good for the earth (although we don’t see any of the goodness because the condo gives the compost to the city), but good or not, I really have trouble remembering to actually use it. I’ve run a kitchen for over 50 years and it’s only recently in my life that recycling has included composting. I mean well, but I’ve been swooshing my coffee grounds down the sink with strong help from the faucet, and putting leftover nasty stuff in the garbage as an almost-sleeping routine. Now that I don’t do as much of the cooking, I have taken over the cleaning, and that means remembering we have a composter. I know I’ll get used to it and I’m delighted that I don’t have to interact in any way with rodents, but in the meantime, I’m grumpy

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