Joni’s Birthday

Do you ever wonder, “Is Kathy alive over there?”

I am, but since Friday afternoon when I went to town for my book (and found two more; one seen in photo), I’ve had the “neckie” and a lot of the time not been up to much. You know I’m under the weather when I don’t blog or even check my email for a day.

The neckie’s still coming and going, but I’ve been able to work since Monday morning; things are looking up.

****   *****    ****

We had nasty wind the night before last, and snow, and now there are snowbanks.

**** ***** ****

Joni’s turning 75 and The Strombo Show is celebrating with a four-hour radio program. You can listen to it HERE. If you’re new to Joni, or have only heard her on the radio, don’t give up after listening to the opening song if it doesn’t move you, if you don’t care for her younger, soprano voice. Hang in there; her voice and music become, over the years and her 19 wide-ranging albums, richer, deeper, more beautiful in every way.

A lot of the performances you’ll hear on the show aren’t Joni, though; so far I’ve heard Judy Collins and Buffy Sainte-Marie. I’m not a big admirer of covers, preferring Joni’s versions of almost all her own stuff. Still, there’s a winner now and then.

What I like most about a show like this is that often others do so much better than me when it comes to putting our admiration of Joni’s music into words.

Alas I can’t pay attention to all the talk and proofread at the same time, so I’ll have to pause the show and turn it on again later. Darn it. Oh well. Something to look forward to. When I take a break from work and stand at the sink doing dishes, I’ll take my laptop to the kitchen and listen to it out there.

*** ***** ***

Mary, why oh why in film and TV do they always have to show people puking … show the actual puke? I do not need to see it, thank you very much! That’s a graphic image that’s entirely gratuitous and yet it seems they can’t stand to leave it out. I literally have to look away or I’ll heave, myself.

*** ***** ***

Okay: WORK.


5 thoughts on “Joni’s Birthday

  1. I agree on Joni’s oeuvre and her own performance of her work with one huge exception and that is Diana Krall and “Case of You” which absolutely slays me.


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