Then She Remembered

peace lily 2… That not only was there a book waiting at the library, but Laura had mailed a small parcel on Tuesday (October was free-shipping Tuesdays via Canada Post) and I wanted to pick that up. It was a small order this time but I was right out of the tooth polish. If anyone around these parts is reading, Laura will have her wares at the Noel Bazaar in Kelvington. Look for UffDa Soaps.

By the way, if you follow the link and poke around, you won’t see everything there that Laura makes. A lot more than just soaps! I buy all my lotions from her, and my lip balms and deodorant and shampoo bars and body mists … You could contact her for the full list. It’s pretty impressive. If you want to do that a month from now, her info is on my page WHAT! Good Things! found by clicking on the sidebar.

Lorna, books that describe violence graphically are off my radar completely. I once didn’t finish a bestseller by Rohinton Mistry because of a scene where a tailor is tortured and murdered for rising above his low-caste station. I couldn’t risk reading another scene like that; it still sickens me to recall. I prefer “cosy” mysteries; they’re about finding and stopping a murderer, but they purposely don’t leave horrible images in your head. I avoid violence on TV or in movies, too. I tried a couple times to watch the HBO series “The Deuce” and gave up because I can’t stomach seeing women punched and slapped. Won’t. Same with the series “Big Little Lies” that was on TV last year. After the first beating the character (played by Nicole Kidman) took, I looked up the original story on the internet and didn’t have to see more violence to satisfy my curiosity about who was going to die and what else was going to happen.

There’s a lot of shit going on in this world and it can’t all be avoided. Damned if I’m going to choose to bring it into my awareness as so-called entertainment.


3 thoughts on “Then She Remembered

  1. I’m not comfortable with graphic crap, it is unnecessary, Our imaginations can work wonders QED Psycho or any good psychological thriller.

    Those soaps, etc. sound great. We have a small company out here that does much the same, she uses a lot of kelp in her products.


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  2. I think I have to hire you to say for me what I really think. I still haven’t acquired the ability to get my real emotions out there. But meaningfully, thanks.

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