Last Night in October


Once inside the case of a Joni Mitchell CD, now on my wall.

Happy Halloween! I didn’t even buy chocolate bars or any other kind of candy because no kids come to our place out here on the farm. I did look at the goodie bags on the store shelves though … and pass them by. We don’t need all that junk here, tempting us to eat it. Which we would do like little piggies till it was all gone. Who could resist?

Does every movie on TV the week of Halloween have to be a horror? It seems so. Yikes. No thank you. I don’t understand how being scared is entertaining. I just don’t get it. Real life can be scary enough. Just read some history or watch the news. Pretty horrifying to learn that 60% of the world’s wildlife has been wiped out. Now that is scary. What are we doing to this poor planet?

Nothing much to report here at Golden Grain Farm. Sunny days. Great for walking: no bugs anymore since the frosts and snows; no getting overheated. I go at least a mile most afternoons; sometimes more than two if the wind’s not too nasty.

Think I’ll close this laptop and open up the mystery I’m reading: The Murder Room, by P.D. James.


One thought on “Last Night in October

  1. Mysteries, not horror stories, are my favourite, but some authors seem not to know the difference. I picked up a book that said mystery and was in the mystery section but turns out to be about a family in which three out of four family members are killed and beheaded by an axe. Not my cup of tea. More like my cup of whatever that is that makes you throw up. Or if it’s a horror story, makes you vomit enthusiastically

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